Burnie Bets VIII

So we missed last week boys. Minor set back though ya? This week is going to be a slapper because the kid is already up on a nice Seahawks live bet. How are ya? That defense actually wasn’t terrible. How bout that. Pretty convincing all around effort for my team while the Giants are what they are, but speaking of the real boys in Blue… NFC East garbage bowl champs? The fact that we have a glimmer of hope in this shithole of a conference is insanity. By the way if you took any of my college football picks posted on my story last Saturday… I’m very sorry. If you read the blogs of the past, you would know that I usually include a bit of a disclaimer before college football picks. I am barely researched and, well, Cuse is 1-7 and Michigan is going to finish at the bottom of the Big 10, so theres nothing to root for except bets I guess.

Lets cover a few games on Saturday. Not my best day of the week on the book, I will admit, but, we make it up on Sundays boys. I need to make like a spreadsheet and shit and actually be a dirty numbers guy, because I would bet that my Sunday picks this year are up like 10 units. I am so atrocious on every other day its insanity. And I feel like you will watch it continue with the most obvious, buddy pass Saturday picks of the year. Lets get after it.

LSU vs Arkansas: LSU -1

I know this team is bad… But I also just watched Arkansas (THE ATS KINGS) get pounded into the ground against UF. Their defense looked like absolute dog-shit and that stud from UF slung that shit all over them. LSU should definitely win this football game. Coach O has not been running around the party capital of the united states shirtless and tan as fucking jesus chirst himself to lose to Arkansas. If you get bet ML bet it.

Michigan vs Rutgers: Michigan -12

They really cannot be this bad can they? Has Harbaugh given up on his job completely? These are questions that will be answered come Saturday. If you told me Michigan would only be a 2 score favorite coming into this game at the beginning of the season I would rip a Disney channel spit take. Like I said in the intro it is so on par with this LSU bet as 2 games that literally all the money will be on their side. Vegas is baiting us. Take the bait.

Saints v Falcons: Saints -3.5

Patriots v Texans: Patriots -2

Dolphins v Broncos: Dolphins -3.5 MORTAL LOCK

Rams v Bucs: Rams +4

So I’m going to skip the game explanations and go to a bit of rational on what I think is the best way to optimize the picks that I give out on the blog. I usually take all my bets straight for a half a unit(50) and then I usually take the 2 bets that I have the most confidence in and see what their odds look like in a lay. I am not a huge lay guy because when I was an agent it was my favorite thing ever to see someone bet. You just watch so many miss and when one finally hits you are genuinely happy for the kid. Hitting parlays is just different and that is why they prevail. Ride the picks. Let me know if you like the little excerpts at the bottom more than the pick explanations with minimal info from research guy.