Burnie’s Bets: IV

Burnie Bets: 11-9

I’M BACK! BACK IN THE NEW YORK BLUES! Absolute tune is applicable at the moment as we’ve hit the point in the season a little early this year. Not watching Giants games, but rooting for them to go 0-16, draft Trevor, and trade him for a team that wants to win. All this ever leaves me with is: at least we’re not the Jets. Last weekend was really rough. I let the few readers down for the first time in program history and really brought my record back down towards .500. Yeah, I got absolutely shit-pumped by the NFL after talking about dropping my nuts on it, bringing me from 10-6 to 11-9. And the Colts game really hurt. Mortal lock did not lock and it hurt financially.

Honestly, everything is so confusing right now. The reason both the NFL and MLB (The two least viewed sports of the big 4) decided to hold key games of their playoffs at times when nobody knows what the fuck is going on in them is beside me, but low and behold the reason you’ve seen 0 baseball bets. I liked the rays and dodgers, so I guess they would have cancelled out anyway.

Let’s get to the picks, shall we. ACC jawnson and perhaps the best College Football game of the season thus far. Then we get into the real slate baby, the fuck bounce back this week. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with the Seahawks and the Saints on bye. Alvin and Russel would just be the erotic backfield of my dreams.

Syracuse v Liberty: Syracuse (+125) MONEYLINE

This is just really sad. Syracuse is actually an underdog against this absolute shitbag of a school and football team. We may have the worst offense in the ACC, but we can’t lose to Liberty. I can’t take the points because its +3 (-120). Just a terrible fucking bet. If they cover and lose I’m literally not a ‘Cuse football fan anymore.

I would like to bet against Florida State again, but I just do not see UNC covering 14 and I refuse to bet FSU. The only pick I really in this game is the under, but I’m so perplexed by the bottom of the ACC.

Georgia v ‘Bama: ‘Bama -5

I’m actually really excited to watch a College Football game this year for the first time since the Miss State v LSU upset. For once I actually feel like Alabama’s defense is worse than Georgia’s which makes this game even harder to hit. 5 is kinda tough to give up, but it’ll be a high scoring game I think, I kinda like the over, but Georgia’s offense isn’t great and as I said Bama’s D has not had a great opening to their season. We’ll see which unproven side of the ball steps up on Saturday when Bama’s D pigeon tosses Stetson Bennett and Georgia’s backfield.

Lets get into NFL by explaining a little bit of betting rational. This may seem obvious, but I like to rule out the games that there is just no way to bet. Lets start with Falcons v Vikings. Though I think I’ve absolutely played the Vikes this season, after last week, and Dalvin going down, I have no idea what is to come for at least 2 weeks. And them going up against the most insanely impossible team to bet for or against doesn’t help this game at all. Browns v Steelers is another one I’m lost on. I get that the Steelers D is has remained pretty solid and their offense is producing, but the Browns are impossible and run on everyone, so I’m staying away as well. I just hate the 1:00 slate this week, but by the beauty of corona, we have so many more games after Sunday!

Titans v Texans: Titans -3.5

Really like to bet against the texans and if I get a spread like this with a team that beat me the week before I’m slapping every single time. Derrick Henry just gets better throughout the game the same way he used to in college. They just keep pounding like the Giants used to do with Brandon Jacobs, and they can keep him fresh because they run 3 backs no matter who they have. I get that the Titans’ offense is dinged up, but the Texan’s only win is against the Jags, so slam Titans. They looked fucking amazing on Tuesday I have no idea why this line is the way it is.

Dolphins v Jets: Dolphins -9.5

Some random guy that chatted me up about football yesterday informed me that this is the first time the phins have been 9+ point favorites in 4 years. Now I have no idea if that is a real stat, but I could have teased the phins to win by 7 last week against the 9ers and I wanted to so bad and didn’t mortal fucking lock. Frank the Tank and Fitzmagic and Preston Williams.

Bucs v Packers: Packers -1 MORTAL LOCK

Could not be more confident betting against the Bucs. I actually think they stink. This is another one that I just think is such a disrespectful line. Lets talk about the defensive side of the ball for the Bucs. I have no idea who they have at middle linebacker to give LeVonte David time to rest as he’s been banged up for 2 weeks now. I don’t even want to google it because they have no depth outside of their D-line. Unless Brady just fucks me I think its safe to say they’re disrespecting the Aaron’ once again.

Cardinals v Cowboys: Cardinals -1.5

I like to get these primetime bets out there, and I just do not understand how the fuck the Cowboys are not bigger underdogs. Andy Dalton CANNOT get it done. It is really that simple. Not to mention the Cowboys having one of the worst defenses in the league and only staying in games because of Dak who by the way really played up to his pay grade. Fuck the Cowboys but I can’t root against him coming back and continuing to do what he was doing.

Bills v Chiefs: Chiefs -4.5

So, I bet on the Bills v Titans game last week, but I didn’t even know if the game was going to be fucking played because of those dirty fucks in Nashville. I’m joking but I doubled down on Bills, and the under and got fucking smoked 42 – 16 if you didn’t watch the game. KC just will not lose 2 weeks in a row, and if hey don’t let Josh Allen get out to one of his quick starts I think it’ll be at least a touchdown victory. I’m a little afraid of this Bills team deciding they’re going to bounce back and score a lot of points, but they’re so injured at cornerback, and Josh Norman was getting absolutely cooked by AJ Brown last week. I look forward to watching Patty and Tyreek make him look like the clown he is.