Burnie’s Bets + Weekend Slate III

Burnie’s Bets: 10-4

Gotta slap the week and weekend slate blog together this week. I don’t have the baseball locks, so it doesn’t really matter (RIP Jakespicks.com). Ideally I would have put one up right before the Lakers v Heat game because the kid has been HOT on, and off blog. Jimmy Butler o13.5 assists + rebound and I bet the Lakers winning margin 3-6 (+441) live, and both hit. If anyone other than me in the world had 7-9 winning margin as well I am so sorry for you. Tyler Hero hit a deep 3 to change the winning margin from 9 to 6. I am actually so hot right now that I won a fucking bet on the BEARS. So yeah, 1H Bears +2.5 hit as I was whining and complaining for the entire first half. So, the downfall may be inevitable. As my limited reader’s know, we went 4/4 on NFL last week as well, shooting the kids up to 10-4. We will not be counting off blog bets in the record.

Again, apologies to anyone who took the Bucs. Honestly I thought they were going to roll the first half after Big Dick Nick looking like half blind newly born calf. Time to drop my balls on the NFL again, but first two player props for tonight, and maybe a CFB pick or two?

Heat v Lakers:

Anthony Davis o1.5 3PTS FG MADE (+150) Tyler Hero o2.5 3PT FG MADE (+117)

I’ve been hot on the live bets for this series and absolutely lost in the first half. So player props are always the way to go to have a little fun watching a game that you are not a sports fan if you miss. I just can’t bet on the Lakers to cover the 7 after Tyler Hero fucked everyone last game. The AD 3pt prop is really just such a fucking anigma. Every time I tell myself I’m going to bet it he hits a few, and every time I bet it he doesn’t even look at the rim outside of the paint. Tyler is a lock to splash 3.

Mississippi State v Kentucky: Miss State +3

I might slide a little moneyline on this one as well because I am rarely confident in a CFB game, and an SEC game for that matter. I just don’t think Kentucky is a good football team at all. Miss State has been playing pretty solid – shoutout Brandon Walker, you big pussy – loved how they looked against LSU and last week I thought they looked alright against Arkansas. So, I was considering this as my mortal lock, but we’ve been nice at NFL so we’ll let it ride there.

I’m going to toss in a couple picks that I like, but don’t have the balls to take at the moment. I like the Texas +2 and money line a lot. Oklahoma is just not it. I really enjoy betting against them, but its a rivalry game, and they could end up getting blown out. I wrote about Rattler last week, and I just think he is NOT a big time QB this year. He’s thrown interceptions on 2 potential game-winning drives and just does not look game tested. Buddy looks like albino Randal from Monsters Inc. (Money movie). I also like Georgia covering the 12 against Tennessee. I also like the under because Katie from Barstool Pick’em slapped it and I have a football boner for her. Shoutout Katie. Can’t front like I’ve watched a full game from either of these teams, but a lot of heads like Georgia as a top 3 team this year and I have not loved what I’ve seen from Tennessee’s D. I would also love to bet against both FSU and LSU, but the spreads are 21 and 14.5 so I just can’t. We’ll check in about these johnnies next week.

Colts v Browns: Colts PK (-110) MORTAL LOCK

LOVEEE this game. OBJ could absolutely break my heart, but there’s no chance this guy has 2 good weeks in a row. THE COLTS ARE THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE NFL. They’re good against the pass and GREAT against the run. Kareem Hunt is not going to get it done against this defense. I might go under on Kareem rushing yards because I think they’re going to include him a lot more in the pass game. If the Colts and Phil can score some points for me I feel amazing about this game.

Seahawks v Vikings: Seahawks -7

Fuckkkkk. This was so hard for me. Anyone who reads knows my fucking love for this Seahawks team, but I got the most love I have on any pick with the Vikes cover last week. Its about this simple in my mind: The Seahawks are decent against the run and terrible against the pass (worst in the NFL). The Vikings run the ball sooo fucking well, I love Dalvin as a top 3 back this year, maybe top 2 with Cmac and Saquon out. Covering the 7 is what I’m worried about, I think it should be Hawks -5.5 or so, but I gotta ride and die with my Hawks. They’re my team this year considering the Giants smell worse than Nick Mangold after a week 1 game in the Meadowlands.

Saints v Chargers: Saints -8

I mean readers know the beat. I bet on the Saints every week. Last week I didn’t have a spread on the Lions game until 9am on Sunday and I just put them on the blog. The fucking line in that game was -3 by the way (fucking ridiculous). Fuck you Matt Patricia you bum. The Chargers look pretty lost, though I really like Herbert. They’re just going to get completely out-coached in this one. Love what Sean is doing with Alvin on the offensive side of the ball and Demario Davis and Malcolm Jenkins have been two of the most electrifying defensive players I have watched this year. Never fade the Saints.

Love anyone who reads, rides and/or fades the picks. Let’s get it going this weekend eh?