Don’t Buddy Me, Buddy.

Today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while now. I actually tried to write one of my first blogs on this topic and ran into a few problems that I will explain in a moment, but I think I’m able to complete it now due to a few recent conversations. So, I work as a busser and food runner at a restaurant, and now more than ever, I’ve been getting “buddied.” And here is one of the main consensus’ that I’ve come to since failing to articulate my thoughts the first time. I’ve figured out why it makes me so rattled when other men (mostly who I’m just meeting) “buddy” me. Not only have I decided that saying “Thanks buddy” after I hold the door or drop off your drink is demeaning and trying to big-dick. It’d be different if you were wearing an Islanders hat and I was like “Hey, go Iles man. Tough series” and you reply “Oh thanks bud.” I feel like replying “Thank you sir” would just be a weird ass move for the ladder but not the former.

Here’s my main dilemma with me being so sensitive about random heads calling me buddy. I use the word much more than the average person. If you have read any of my “work” I think you’re familiar with the term, but its usually not directed towards somebody. “Like buddy, how are you gonna how are you gonna tell me about music when all you listen to is NAV and BigBooty mixes.” Okay that one was directed at someone.

Look I’m definitely both defensive, and hypocritical, but every time another rich Jupiter 35+ year old “buddies” me I get an inch closer spitting in his 16$ Orange peel infused Whisky. I also have no problem with getting a nice buddy chirped at me if its in an endearing tone. Like calling my friend’s buddies is actually something I’ve been chirped for on multiple occasions. Sorry bud it just rolls off the tongue.