Fail Friday: Rooftop Hoppin

It’s Friday. Time to revel in the failures of our brothers and sisters across the country.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston S. Churchill

Got a good fail video or photo? Post it here.

Spitters are quitters (elithroop20)
“Lets build a rope swing, it’ll be sick” (dingdongmedic)
Ah yes the guy who’s 15 beers deep and wants to race (beanbeanvida)
Wizard Parties. Not Frat. (javsalaz)
Eternally friend zoned after this (via @trey.ramos11)
A headbutt to the sack never gets old. (via @nik.lindgren)
Attempts to impress chick…
… is known by every girl on campus as Halftooth (via @_kinloch6_)
First flight on the new custom zipline (@_thomas.o)
SOMEHOW he’s good (via @nunez.max)

The lovely yevaleva from Lynn University is here to wash away the failure from your eyes.

See more photos of her here

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