Green Jacket Season: Burnie Bets Special

It really is a shame that this year the Masters come in mid November, and we don’t get our usual, beautiful, spring weekend at Augusta, but the boys are always ready to go. The honor involved in playing this historic golf course still amazes me every time I see one of these guys interviewed. They can play any course in the world to prepare, but are left until a week before to check out the little tweaks made in Augusta. TIGER WOODS’ ODDS TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT IS PRESENTLY +3000. Though my money will not be with Woods repeating, I would have no issue with tiger striding down 18 with negative gallery behind him and my 20 beans grasped firmly in his hand. If you aren’t pumped for the Masters, go back and watch Tiger’s Sunday recap from 2019 all the way through and tell me nothing changed. Absolutely horny video. Now, I’ll be supplying a couple guys who I think have great odds, and good a chance to win it, but obviously all eyes are on Bryson(+700) and DJ(+900). I’m just not a Bryson guy, but he really needs this one, and he has made it abundantly clear that THIS is his goal. All of his swing-change, protein shakes, power bars and complaining were with one goal in mind, and that is major championships (especially that Green Jacket). Now, watching Tiger have trouble slipping said jacket through DeChambeau’s beefy arms would be nowhere near as satisfying as that of fellow Jupiter native Dustin JAWNson or, young iron stud, Colin Marikawa (+3500) <– I like it. I’ll have fun watching no matter who’s wearing the jacket on Sunday, so lets get into the picks, shall we.

Odds to make the cut

Phil Mickelson: Yes (+150)

I think they’re doing Phil dirty by making him an underdog to make the cut. This is likely his last Masters and Phil has played the course pretty well in the past, not to mention the great golf he has been playing on the senior tour. Though tossing around a bunch of John Daley look alikes on the weekend does not compare to playing the best in the world at the top of their game, I like Phil to at least make the cut. His odds are way too good to pass on.

Kevin Kisner: Yes (-205)

Love Kis to death. Still one of the best putting strokes on tour and makes up strokes all the time by draining from deep. -205 are actually pretty good odds to cover other bets from the weekend and I think this one is big ole MORTAL LOCK. Kis will be talking plenty of shit and having fun out there, so what more can you ask for in a guy you’re betting on Thursday and Friday. Kis is also +800 to finish top 10 if you really like homie.

By the way, just a sidenote. If you bet on golfers to NOT make the cut, I don’t know why you watch golf. Never have I sat down, even to watch my least favorite golfer hit a shot, and been thinking… “Oh I hope he shanks this one and picks up a couple strokes.” Like yeah, I hate Patrick Reed too, but you’re just asking for heartbreak and a loss of funds betting on a guy to have a bad 2 days.

Top 10 Finish

Matthew Wolff: (+325)

The man with the wierdest swing in golf has been having a pretty decent year. Though he’s kind of squeaky and annoying to be a fan favorite, he’s barely a year older than me and can finally have some legal stews after a big win. Now that’s something to play for. When it comes down to it, betting on top 10 can be extremely heart breaking, as coverage is often not focussed on those in 12th-3rd place when first and second are coming down the stretch. Matt is a big hitter for a smaller guy, and fairly accurate with his irons and wedges in close. I’m looking for him to be in the hunt all weekend.

Odds to Win

Tony Finau: (+2500)

So this is my guy right here. I’ve loved Tony for years now, and if you haven’t seen his ace last year at the masters par 3 comp where he takes off running off the tee box and dislocates his foot from his ankle, proceeds to pop it back in, and then finish top 10… good its like the golf version of Willis McGahee’s entire leg exploding at Miami. I just love Tony’s game so much. He finishes second and top 3 an INSANE amount, and is so hungry for wins (say it again eh). Tony is my pick every tourney, so so don’t ride too hard. But if you want to share that victory with him and I at these insanely high odds… do so responsibly.

Jon Rahm: (+1000)

This is who I actually think is going to win the Masters this year. Rahmbo is an abosolute menace on the golf course. Very quiet, hits bombs, good short game, and can putt his ass off. Another guy without a green jacket and absolutely hungry for one. His showdown about a month back with DJ when he sunk about a 70 footer confirmed that this spaniard had ICE in his penile veins. Not a great personality, but what a fucking golfer.