Here Are The 20 Best College Majors If You Want To Make Bank After School

College is fun, yes, but the school part is mostly miserable. The only reason we suffer through painfully boring lectures and amphetamine-fueled all-nighters is because we believe a degree will set us up for a decent career in four to five (to six to seven…) years. If you’re fresh out of high school, undeclared, or thinking about changing your major, consider one of the following majors, all earning over $120,000 per year on average.

Spoiler alert: Art History and Gender Studies didn’t make the list 🤷‍♂️

Here are the 20 highest-earning college majors in the US and their average annual income, ranked from lowest paying to highest.

20. Physics: $121,500

19. Molecular biology: $122,000

18. Aerospace engineering: $122,200

17. Mathematics and computer science: $122,700

16. Metallurgical engineering: $123,700

15. Biochemical sciences: $125,800

14. Mining and mineral engineering: $125,800

13. Chemical engineering: $126,000

12. Chemistry majors: $126,200

11. Electrical engineering: $127,200

10. Naval architecture and marine engineering: $127,900

9. Engineering mechanics, physics, and science: $129,100

8. Engineering and industrial management: $129,330

7. Actuarial science: $129,400

6. Applied mathematics: $130,313

5. Economics: $133,200

4. Pharmacology: $135,672

3. Zoology: $141,800

2. Petroleum engineering: $156,089

1. Health and medical preparatory: $165,400

Info from Business Insider and the US Census.