I Guess Paul George Cheating On Doc Rivers Daughter Was To Much For Him To Keep Coaching The Clippers

Today it was announced that Doc Rivers was leaving the Los Angeles Clippers after 7 years with the organization. The Clippers who were hyped to be the favorite out of the West, were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the Semifinals of the playoffs. It was clearly underwhelming for a team that traded their entire future to get Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George. Playoff P was the opposite of Playoff P as he struggled night after night. Playing basketball wasn’t the only thing that George struggled with, he has also struggled to keep it in his pants.

In 2014 Paul George was dating Callie Rivers who just happens to be the daughter of the ex Clippers coach Doc Rivers. During the time that George and Callie were dating he got Daniela Rajic pregnant and offered her a million dollars to not have the baby. Rajic declined and had the baby, after a paternity test and taking Paul George to court it was confirmed that he was the father.

To nobodies surprise Callie Rivers and Paul George called it quits, and Callie has since married Seth Curry and they have a daughter together. Paul George and Daniela Rajic are actually together now, and have 2 kids together. “So mommy and daddy how did you guys meet?” “Well I saw your mother dancing at a strip club, and after trying to abort you, and your mommy taking me to court we are now together. Happily ever after.” I imagine that’s the conversation that would happen from George’s oldest daughter and Paul George once she’s older.

Did Doc Rivers not want to have awkward family dinners anymore and that’s why he left the Clippers. Or could his throat not handle him screaming for 7 months?