Meet The Original Steve Will Do It

So last night Full Send and Steve Will Do It had their September merch drop that is already sold out.  This video was posted On Total Frat Move’s site and on their Instagram story of Steve Will Do It almost crying, because the NELK boys were getting kicked out of a house on the Jersey Shore.  

Digging through Reddit I found the reason why they were kicked out it wasn’t because they threw some sort of massive party, or were being their full send selfs.   It was because a car group that call themselves FullSend NJ who seem like shitty people who hold meet ups and get kicked out of anywhere they go because they do donuts in the streets, and hit spectators.   So when they heard the NELK Boys were in Jersey Shore they posted all over Instagram to meet up at the Seaside Heights and did crazy burnouts, which then got the cops involved.  

As anyone who is under the age of 25 I’ve heard of the NELK Boys because of Instagram, and just randomly finding their videos.  Some of their videos are hilarious while others are internet funny.  You know the breathe hard out of your nose laugh you do when you see something slightly funny.  I do remember seeing Steve Will Do It when he first joined up with those guys, and the first thing I thought of was how the fuck is a guy who just chugs beers, and eats an insane amount of food be in that good of shape?  My next thought was he is the younger and jacked version of Shoenice.  

Shoenice is an OG of YouTube and the internet.  I remember seeing his videos in high school, and watching the man chug entire bottles of Everclear, and Jack Daniels and wondering how the fuck could he do this.  Unlike Steve Will Do It, Shoenice not only chugged an insane amount of alcohol, but he also ate the most random shit.  There was a 3 part video when he ate a 1,000ply toilet paper roll, and he would eat an entire stick of deodorant.  Unfortunately Shoenice’s original YouTube page was taken down, but he does have a new page.  Where you can see videos like this where he chugged 3 shots of Jack Daniels, and 3 Coke bottles in less that 40 seconds. 

Since Shoenice has become an early internet legend, he’s had a shit ton of personal problems.  I’m not going to go into it, but I’ll just remember the legend who ate and drank the most ridiculous shit known to man kind.