Need Some Extra Cash Be Like Students At BYU-Idaho And Sell Antibody Plasma

Brigham Young University’s campus in Idaho said this week it is investigating claims that some students are “intentionally” trying to get sick with COVID-19 in order to sell their plasma for cash. The university said it plans to suspend any students caught attempting to contract the virus on purpose.

There’s nothing like being a broke ass college student. There is one thing on your mind and that’s how can I get money without actually working. If you aren’t a hot chick who can show her tits on onlyfans, you’re fucked. Not to get serious, but with Rona a lot of college jobs are shut down. So when times get tough, there’s no money for a keg, and no weed left. There’s only one option get Corona and then sell your antibodies.

One donation site, located close to the university, says on its website that it will pay survivors of COVID-19 $100 per visit “as a special thank you” for “saving lives during a pandemic.” The site says that survivors can potentially donate plasma multiple times.  East Idaho News reports that another nearby donation site is offering donors $200 for each of their first two visits.

The CBS article doesn’t say how many times that people can visit to donate their plasma. Per google it says that the FDA allows you to donate twice in a week. So that’s a quick $400, and it seems like antibodies can last up to 7 months in your system. Shit that’s $1600 in a month, for 7 months you can rack up $11,200. That’s not bad money, and you’re saving fucking lives. Not only are you god damn Superman, but you can buy 700 cases of Natty Light for the boys.

Are students actually trying to get Corona? I have no fucking clue, but it would be the dumbest shit ever. I had it and it’s nothing to fuck around with. Even though selling your plasma is close to how much this mailman brings home. It’s not worth it, don’t be a jackass.

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