News From Today AD Plans To Sign With Lakers, Ty Lue Is The Clippers Coach, and The Sky Is Blue

The NBA Finals has ended 4 days ago, so you know what that means the real season for blue checkmark twitter is now live. If you scroll Twitter, Bleacher Report, and ESPN it seems like they give more attention to free agency than actual basketballs going through hoops. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy all of the drama that free agency brings. Now free agency doesn’t technically start until December 1st, but that doesn’t mean anything for NBA players. From players whispering to each other, weird tweets, and overall sabotage free agency never really ends it goes through the entire season. It was reported that Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving first decided to team up at the All Star Game in 2019. Just one example that the planning, and sabotaging never ends.

After Anthony Davis won his first finals because he abandoned New Orleans, and needed daddy LeBron to help him actually win. He has decided to stay in Los Angeles.

Was there really people out there that thought that he was leaving? 1st of all he just won a title in LA, 2nd he is going to get paid out of the ass there, and 3rd he doesn’t want to disappoint daddy LeBron. He has opted out of his $28.7 million contract, and plans to resign. Now I know he said he plans to resign, but he hasn’t put pen to paper yet. It would be the perfect NBA drama for him to leave, but even though I root for chaos that’s not going to happen.

The second no shit thing that has happened today is Ty Lue is the new Clippers coach. After Doc Rivers left because he couldn’t handle coaching Paul George who knocked up a stripper while he was dating River’s daughter.

Ty Lue was already the assistant coach on the Clippers, and the coaching options that were out there didn’t seem to fit the Clippers. Mike D’Antoni would’ve been horrible on the Clippers. So Ty Lue naturally slid into the head coaching position. Is Ty Lue a good coach? I don’t really know, sure he has a title to his name, but one could argue that team was all LeBron. He was the player, GM, and coach of that Cavs team. It seemed like LeBron wanted Ty Lue because he knew that he could easily boss and push him around. Maybe that’s why he was chosen as the Clippers new head coach. That locker room is full of dogs from Pat Beverly to a Morris twin. I can never tell them apart I just know one plays on the Lakers, and one plays on the Clippers. Everything is to similar with them they both play in LA, they look the same, and they even have similar names with Marcus and Markieff. Who knows maybe behind closed doors the robot that is Kawhi Leonard could be the biggest alpha dog.

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