The Slate-MACtion pt.2

We have made it to the second week of The Slate. Saturday was not as good as earlier in the week, but still was in the green. I ultimately went 18-6 on the week, hopefully putting everyone up 12 units.

Before jumping into the recap. I want to give a huge thank you to my cousin Melissa for making the official logo/image of these posts. So a big shout out to my younger cousin and the rest of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Go Monarchs!

Alright, let’s run through a quick recap of Saturday. Finished 6-4 on the day. Had some tough losses between BC, Purdue, and Virginia Tech. I will save the SMU loss in the Henny lock recap, because I have a lot of anger to get out on that one. BC started the game off well. For the majority of the first quarter they looked like they had a chance to take this game to the final seconds. Then BC completely fell apart in the second quarter allowing three touchdowns. They went into the half down 22 and had to fight their way back. Ultimately they couldn’t do it. To everyone’s aggravation they lost against the spread by one point. Purdue simply just lost by a touchdown in that game. I did not actually get a chance to watch that game because I do not have the Big Ten Network, so that’s as much as I have for it. Virginia Tech and Miami on the other hand was a game I could not take my eyes off of. It was a battle of absolute grit. It’s a bummer Miami was able to make the big plays in the end of the fourth, while Virginia Tech’s offense kept making mistakes. You can not change my opinion that if there were fans at this game, VT would have won and won big. Lane stadium is one of the most electric atmospheres in college football. Miami would not have had a shot in that game if that stadium had been rocking.

The past is the past. We are starting a whole new week of college football. What’s the best way to start the football week? With some MACtion! That is right the MAC is back! I hope this week’s Maction is as entertaining as last week’s. Some quick highlights on last week’s MACtion. The center for Toledo (it was a blue and yellow team could have been Kent State) went to snap the ball but somehow managed to sack tap himself while doing it to force a fumble. The Western Michigan comeback was somehow possible even after a broken yard marker ruled against them. The chains that show where the first down is, was broken and the stick had a weird curve to it. There were three minutes left in the game and Toledo was driving. They had to go for it on 4th and 11. The play was made and it was close enough they had to bring out the chain gang. Well if they were using non broken equipment, it would not have been ruled a first down. However the stick was bent in Toledo’s favor giving them the first down and eventually leading them to a score, to go up ten. Western Michigan did not just give up there. The broncos drove down the field and scored with 45 seconds left, yet somehow missed the PAT. Down by four Western Michigan had to attempt an onside kick and score a touchdown now. I am not sure who they were praying to but whatever god they believe in must be real. They recovered the onside kick and started to drive into enemy territory. With 19 seconds left in the game, everyone and their grandmother thought, well they are going to spike the ball to stop the clock and then use the next 4 downs to get in the endzone. But, THIS IS THE MAC! Western Michigan fakes the spike and throws a fade into the endzone for the game winning touchdown. The Toledo reaction was like they were all hit with a stone cold stunner.

Let’s get moving onto the picks. There are only five games this week due to Ohio and Miami Ohio’s game being cancelled. The first two games are on Tuesday and the last three are on Wednesday.

Buffalo (-31.5) @ Bowling Green O/U 60

This game will not be close. Buffalo will demolish this Bowling Green team. Bowling Green has allowed a combined 100 points in their last two games. Buffalo has scored over 40 points in both of their games. Here is the kicker, Buffalo played way better teams than Bowling Green in the last two games. Bowling Green’s QB is decent though. I cannot leave that unsaid. He is a transfer from BC, with not a lot of help around him. The eagles will put up a few points, but nothing insane. I can see Buffalo covering this game, even with that large of a spread. It will look like a good High School team going on to play a six year old flag football team.

Akron @ Kent State (25.5) O/U 59.5

Kent State has a very explosive offense. Isaiah McKoy could be the only receiver on the field and Dustin Crum will still manage to find his man the ball. They are a dynamic duo. Like Kenny from South Park and death. Death always finds Kenny, like Crum always finds McKoy in the endzone. In my MACtion post last week, I said Akron was the worst team in the conference. Which I still may believe is true. It is just tough to tell by looking at the score of their game last week. They looked alright, and did not allow over 40 points like usual. Now is that the Zips getting better or did the Ohio Bobcats just get significantly worse? Ohio did miss two field goals which would have made it a 20 point victory (also would have been a push on the spread). Again, I am going with the favorites against the Zips. I am taking the Golden Flashes on this one. Their offense is way more powerful than Ohio’s. If Ohio almost won by 20, in a realistic world 26 should not be a problem.

Wednesday’s Games

Northern Illinois @ Ball State (-14) O/U 60

I do not like this game. I do not want to pick it, and even contemplating if I want to bet it. I know I will not bet this game with the spread because it is the responsible thing to do. Both teams are 0-2 against the spread. A gamblers nightmare to see. I do believe Testicle Tech will win this game, it’s just that 14 points is a lot. Northern Illinois lost to two good teams. I think this game will end with Testicle Tech winning, but I expect it to be right around the 14 point mark. I hate that the Money Line here is -520 for Ball State. So I am bringing in another teaser. I am going Northern Illinois +20 and Under 65.5. You could probably go either way with the teaser on the team, but I chose Northern Illinois, solely on the story of Greg DeLuca. DeLuca was a Lacrosse player at Duke originally. After two years, he decided to enlist in the military. He eventually went on to do four years as a Navy Seal. Once he finished with the seals he decided to walk on and be a 29 year linebacker for Northern Illinois. This guy is a total badass. I just want to see this American hero succeed.

Toledo (-6.5) @ Eastern Michigan O/U 59.5

I thought Eastern Michigan was gonna beat Ball State and couldn’t. Toledo is a way better team in all three phases than both Testicle Tech and Eastern Michigan. Since Eastern Michigan let me down last week, I am going with the Rockets -6.5 this week. Eastern Michigan is technically still undefeated ATS. I use the word technically because, week 1 they covered by half a point, and by one point last week. Toledo will break this ATS streak, and I believe they will win big.

Western Michigan @ Central Michigan (-1.5) Over/Under 60.5

This is another toss up game. Western Michigan has the grit, while CMU has my guy Daniel Richardson. Both teams have a heavy offense with weaker defenses. I cannot come to pick who will win this game, but I can come to the decision that this over looks pretty damn good. It should be a high scoring game, which is what MAC fans live for. Give me this over.

The Henny Lock

I think I jinxed myself last weekend. For all those that followed me on IG after the TFM story, they got to watch me crumble. I was so confident on SMU. I was going to responsibly put my student loans on them. Shane Buechele is too good not to. SMU went into the half up 24-0. I thought for sure the game was in the bag. No way Tulsa was scoring four unanswered. So I put on my IG Story “HENNY LOCK LOOKING GOOD!” and oh boy did it come back to blow up in my face. Thank you for all those who slid in my DMs to shit on me. In reality, the joke is on you because I was already numb from when Tulsa scored the go ahead TD. I do want to say thank you to the few people that reached out to console me. Those are the true riders. They are the ones I want to be taking my winners. We need a nickname for them. If someone wants to reach out to me via social media with ideas of what to call my loyal followers, it would be much appreciated. Anyways, it is time to bring the Henny lock back to .500. I hate to take a pick that I already gave as a lock, but I am very confident Toledo will destroy Eastern Michigan. I may have a vendetta against them, but that doesn’t matter because Toledo is the superior team.

Henny Lock: Toledo -6.5

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