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Thank the lord for midweek MACtion. It never fails us. The MAC is the ray of light guiding every football fan to the weekend. My Tuesday picks went 1-1. Bowling Green screwed me with a back door cover against Buffalo. But, the game went just as I called it. It was watching a very good team play a very bad team. If Buffalo passed the ball more they would have won by 50, but instead they ran it for over 400 yards. Buffalo’s star running back Jaret Patterson alone went for 301 yards and four touchdowns. The MAC Gods made it up to me for that Back door cover with Kent State having a back door cover of their own. Kent was winning the whole game, but the cover was going back and forth. Then something miraculous happened and everything went Kent’s way. They scored two unanswered touchdowns and somehow managed to recover their own kickoff in the last minute to ensure the cover.

Wednesday’s games went much better for us. I must just have better luck with the MAC West. I went 3-0 Wednesday, putting us at a total 7-0 in MAC west games on the year. Also putting us up three units (4-1) going into Thursday and Friday’s games. Technically you can say I went 4-0 last night because I gave Toledo -6.5 twice, but I will make it easy and keep it at 3-0. Toledo crushed Eastern Michigan like I said they would. I knew there was not going to be much going on during the Northern Illinois Ball State game. That is why I suggested teasing Northern Illinois and the Under. I had a feeling that would cash pretty easily. Let’s talk about the easiest win on the night. Western Michigan’s grit beat out my guy Danny Richardson and his Central Michigan team. I told you to take the over in this game because the winner would be a toss up. And I was right! It was a back and forth game to start. With points continuously going on the board. This game ended with a total of 96 points! Oh man do I love the MAC!

There are five games total on Thursday and Friday’s Slate. Only one on Thursday due to a cancellation, and four on Friday.

Thursday’s Game:

Tulane @ Tulsa (-6.5) Over/U 53.5

Well Tulsa crushed my hopes and dreams of the Henny Lock on Saturday. They looked terrible in the first half. Then they came out punching SMU in the mouth and me in the balls in the second half. They put up four unanswered touchdowns to get the 28-24 victory over a very good SMU team. This will be another heavy offensive battle in the American Conference. Both teams are averaging over 28 points per game, while allowing over 21 points per game. Something is not adding up here. Why is the over/under only at 53.5? It seems too easy. So please get this pick in before that changes. I would not be surprised if it goes as high a 57.5. But the over 53.5 is my pick for this game.

Friday’s Games:

Syracuse @ Louisville (-18) O/U 56.5

This game is between two of the bottom tier teams in the ACC this year. These teams have a combined record of 3-13. This game is just for pride at this point. They can’t really play for anything else. So let’s just compare the stats for and against. When it comes to points on average, Louisville is 28/30 (For/Against) per game. Syracuse is 18/31. Louisville also dominates in the yards for and against categories compared to Cuse. Syracuse however always plays to their competition. I think Syracuse will cover in this game. 18 points is a lot to cover.

Purdue (-2.5) @ Minnesota O/U 62

PJ Fleck and the rest of the Gophers got absolutely embarrassed last week against Iowa. They lost 35-7 on their own turf. PJ Fleck is rowing his boat the wrong goddamn way. They went from a top 25 team to trying not to be the last place team in the Big Ten. Purdue on the other hand simply cannot win a game in big fashion. It seems every game they play they have to keep it close. All three of their games this year have been a one score game. I believe this game will be a close one too. Purdue will win this game, but not nearly as much as it should be. My final score prediction is 28-20 Purdue.

UMass @ FAU (-32.5) O/U 50.5

UMass does not belong in the FBS. They are an absolute joke and need to get their asses back into the FCS. They were mediocre in the FCS. To this day I cannot understand why they wanted to go into the FBS. UNH who is still in the FCS has a record of 14-9 Against UMass since 1990. UNH is good but they still are nothing compared to teams like North Dakota State. UMass should have never left. They could actually go .500 there unlike the 1-11 seasons they have been having. The only team they can beat in the FBS is Akron. Anyways, this year UMass has yet to lose a game less than 40 points. Their average points for/against is 5/46. They are terrible. Kiffin-less FAU should not have an issue winning this game 48-7.

New Mexico @ Air force (-6.5) O/U 55.5

This game will be a fun one to watch when you are a few couple beers deep. It is the latest of the games on Friday night. The game starts at 9:30pm Est. New Mexico may be 0-3 but they are also 2-1 ATS. They always keep the games close. The only game they lost ATS was against one of the most surprising teams in 2020. That team being San Jose State. Air Force also lost to San Jose State, but not by as much. Air Force actually hasn’t played since their loss against Boise State on Halloween. So it has been over two weeks since their last game. It brings up the questions. What have they been doing for the last two weeks? Have they been watching film a lot in preparation? Or have they been focusing on their health and putting football on the back burner? Air Force had a great season last year and won this game by 22. However they lost many of those starters from last season, which is causing them to struggle early on. The Falcons have started the season only 1-2 with those growing pains. Even as I am writing this, I am struggling to make a pick. I see this being a very close game, coming down to the wire. It really is a coin toss. Since everyone who reads these blogs bets responsively. It is okay if you don’t bet it. But I also understand, this game will be late Friday night and the majority of us will be drunk looking for something to root for. So with that being said let’s get ballsy. Let’s go New Mexico Money Line +230.

Henny Lock

I am back to .500. I knew Toledo was going to destroy Eastern Michigan so badly I told you to take it twice in my last post. It was the least I could do after we all had our hearts broken with SMU blowing a 24 point lead. This week I am going to shake it up. I am going to give not one but two locks this post. The first one is riding that Tulsa comeback last weekend. Tulsa should not have an issue against that Tulane Defense. Tulsa should win pretty significantly. Now onto the second lock. It is the Under (62) in the Purdue at Minnesota game. This will be another below freezing game in Minnesota. They only put up three points on their home turf last time they played in below freezing weather. I expect Purdue to rely on their run game if they can’t figure out the passing game early on. Purdue’s wide receivers are the most dangerous asset on that team. If they can’t get going it will be a very low scoring game. As I predicted above, I am thinking this will be a 28-20 win for the Boilermakers. BOILER UP! Also shout out all my brothers Purdue buddies who have been nothing but supportive. Even though I have only met half of the group in person. Some of those guys are members of the Alpha Delta Chapter of Theta Chi, so another big shout out to the Theta Chi’s out there in West Lafayette Indiana.

Henny Locks: Tulsa -6.5 & Purdue/Minnesota Under 62

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