The Weekend Slate

Well I am a few couple dozen beers down as I am writing this. So here is my disclosure for my lack of writing skills on this post. I am currently typing as Purdue is losing 28-24 with three minutes left in the 4th quarter. I will save the Henny locks for later, but Purdue couldn’t even stop a 4th grade Pop Warner team right now. So to ignore this game, I will talk about the roller coaster we had last night in Tulsa. I gave everyone the over (53.5) and Tulsa -6.5. It went into halftime at 0-0. I officially wrote off the over and just accepted that the only chance we had at breaking even was Tulsa covering. Tulsa lost their starter and back up quarterbacks before heading into the 4th quarter. So the 4th quarter began with Tulsa down 14-0, and I was panicking. Somehow Tulsa’s 3rd string QB managed to come back to make the game 14-14 with three minutes left in the game. Tulane managed to score quick to go up seven, leaving Tulsa with 1:38 left to play. Tulsa drove down the field and managed to score a touchdown off a Hail Mary, to force overtime in the final seconds. Both teams kicked a field goal in the first OT forcing a second OT. Tulane went on to throw a pick six to make the final score 30-24. So the over hit, but Tulsa missed the cover by half a point.

Even though we have a lot of games postponed due to Covid, we still have a hell of a slate. As the games are going right now, it is not looking good. I could be 1-4 on the night. If things stay the way they are it puts me at an even 5-5 on the week going into Saturday. Which sucks! I feel like I have let everyone in the Henn house down. So I am only giving the games I feel real confident in, instead of giving picks on the majority of the games like I have been doing. I know I will be missing a few of the bigger games like Oklahoma and Oklahoma state for example. I just don’t have a clue how that game will go. Also to save on time editing in the morning, I will just be giving the picks without too much of an explanation.

Let’s get back into the green!

Indiana @ Ohio State (20.5) O/U 66

That is a huge spread for a game with both teams in the top 10. Indiana has shown they are a great football team. Let’s hope Tom Allen keeps the Hoosiers buzzing. I am going IU +20.5

App State @ Coastal Carolina (-5) O/U 47.5

The battle for the SunBelt in this match up. I am thinking this game will be a close shootout. Both teams have been productive in all three phases of the game. I love the teal turf down in coastal, but the App State all white alternates stole the show this week. App State cannot have these clean of unis and lose big. I like App State +5 here. May Salt Bae the Money Line at +175. Also I am hoping for at least two TD’s today for Thomas Hennigan. So keep a watch out for #5 on App State. You know he can ball just from the name.

Cincinnati (-5.5) @ UCF O/U 65.5

Offense! Offense! Offense! Both of these teams are averaging over 40 points per game. Yet, only one team is still undefeated. If Cinci wants a shot at making the playoffs, they have to win this game big. If they can keep Dillon Gabriel from getting hot, than they should be all set. Cinci actually won this game 27-24 last year too. That low of the score is what is scaring me from taking the over here. So I will stick with the Bearcats -5.5

Wisconsin (-7.5) @ Northwestern O/U 44.5

This game should not be close. The only way Northwestern stays close in this game is if they eat up the clock with a slow offense. Long possessions are going to be key, but that only matters if they can make a stop or two. Also Wisconsin has something to play for. There was a mall shooting out in Wauwatosa Wisconsin tonight. The last I saw, the news said eight people were injured. I do not know if this was a direct shooting or mass shooting, but I am sure it is enough for the Badgers to come together. I have family in Wisconsin, my mother is actually from there. And if I know anything about Wisconsin, there are many things that bring that state together. The most important are dairy, family, football, and beer. Badgers are winning this one big.

Iowa @ Penn State (even)

Is there an injury report I am missing? Why is this an even spread? I understand that this game is in Penn State, but they are still 0-4 (with and without the spread). Iowa Money Line.

USC (-3) @ Utah O/U 58

This will be Utah’s first game of the season while USC has been rolling to start their season. Slovis has looked real good at the quarterback position this year. I am taking USC – 3 here.

The Henny Lock

Welp. I am back on my losses. I swear my Henny locks switch off every other post. On the last post’s Henny locks I have been screwed due to Injuries and Covid suspensions. Tulsa lost the first two quarterbacks on the depth chart and there are a combined over 30 players missing from the Purdue Wisconsin game. I need to start writing these posts right before the games start because this is getting ridiculous. I cannot catch a break! So I am going to chase the dragon to try to get myself back to .500 with two more locks tonight. The first Henny Lock is App State/Coastal over 47.5. There was 93 points in this game last year. So they just need two points more than half of what they scored last year. My second Henny Lock is going to be a Teaser. Tease Florida down to -25 and the under to 74. My prediction is Florida wins this game 51-17. I need to hit both of these so all the real Henny disciples can eat. For those who want to fade me after my unlucky week, SEE YA! Get out of the HENN House!

Henny Locks:

App State/Coastal over 47.5 & (Teaser) Florida -25 and Under 74.

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