Throwback Thursday: Nostalgia (15 Photos)

Classic photos from the TFM Archive. Got an old college photo? Post it here.

Jordan Belfort. TFM.
Getting some practice in whenever you can. TFM.
Efficiency. TFM.
Ditka. TFM.
The theme was 80’s. They never specified what century. TFM.
This pledge is in for a rude awakening.
“Borrowing” sorority composites. TFM.
Brett Favre. TFM.
Just a casual tailgate. TFM.
80’s composites. TFM.
Mr. Keg as the mascot. TFM.
Casual Tailgate. TFM.
This man’s celebration, even if his car is weak. TFM.
Burning cargo pants. TFM.
Shotgunning beers before class during Greek Week. TFM.

Got an old college photo? Post it here.