Throwback Thursday: Old Glory (14 Photos)

Classic photos from the TFM Archive. Got an old college photo? Post it here.

W enjoying a cold one at Rangers Ballpark. TFM.
Staying hydrated. TFM.
A+. TFM.
Wearing a Tri Delt shirt on Cops. TFM.
Big Ben. TFM.
Incredible photography skills. TFM.
“Speak softly and carry a big dick.” TFM.
Hanging with the locals while studying abroad. TFM.
“Overtaxed.” TFM.
Giving new meaning to “talking with your hands.” TFM.
Everyone gathering around to watch Old Glory fly. TFM.
Flying solo. TFM.
Pope Francis following nobody else except himself, in 8 different languages. TFM.
Hazing sharks. TFM.

Got an old college photo? Post it here.