Throwback Thursday: Motherfucking Wild West (10 Photos)

The TFM archives perfectly exemplify what the internet was in its glory days of the early 2010’s; the motherfucking wild west. After diving into a sea of grainy images consisting of drunken debauchery and lettered titties, I felt secondhand nostalgia for those poor men and women who have now embarked in the miserable realities of parenthood, weekends with the in-laws, and the shackles of their cubicle. I’d like to think my life will always be backseat tallboys and scrambling for a twenty-six dollar plan B venmo, but eventually I too will succumb to societies standards. That being said…something felt nice looking back on the old days. Wherever you land politically, I’m sure each and every one of you reading this could use a five-minute social media cleanse and just appreciate some OG internet degeneracy. For just five minutes, let’s all just bump some Sammy Adams and go back to simpler times.

Uncanny resemblance to Tracy McGrady going up for the reverse layup
Fauci could never
Some see an averted crisis, others see 43 GroupMe Likes
          Drinking this much Rumpleminze is for sure pre-crime
Putting the O/U of Tapestries in her dorm at 2.5
In Hoc ’til she choke
“Can I see it?”
2006 quality picture/ 2020 quality boobs
 Some say the headline describes a hurricane, others say a Sigma Kappa formal
No surprise here

Classic photos from the TFM Archive. Got an old college photo? Post it here.