TikTok’s Top 5 Frat Star Themed Meetings That No One Asked For

1. ‘I been getting dirty money’.

We love a frat star in a mask, but this entire chapter is elite. With the only in-person meeting to make the list — and maybe on TikTok — these brothers take the No.1 spot.

2. Choose Your Fighter.

You’ve got Chad, Brad, Thad and Jake, another set of Brothers Chad and Brad with the composite in the background, and the Lakers No. 1 fan Jasper Dombrowski.

Don’t sleep on Brother Crowe and Daddy Troy. Choose your fighter, y’all.

3. No Pledge Left Behind.

Incredible intro, boys — the polo, composite and Tito’s, it slaps. I might be Pledge Educators Alex and Kyle’s No. 1 fan.

4. And it went like …

It’s the full chapter participation, for me … and the full screen aesthetic, and the beer.


so our sorority did a frat boy themed chapter and it went like this #EmilyinParis #fyp #sorority #college #Artober #CollegeGotMeLike #CTCVoiceBox

♬ Drip Like ME – Kenndog

5. Thad says, ‘no half sends.’

It’s the group chat, for me.

Brother Lucas to Everyone:
“Chad I know I’m not from Theta but I’m tryna hang this weekend PLZ.”

Brother Sam to Everyone:
“Maybe I can fit you in between my business classes.”

Brother Block to Everyone:
“Wolf of Wall Street = cinematic masterpiece”

Gotta give it to frat star Brandon Swag Boy, the virtual Bud Light background? We love it. We also may not see Thad’s face, but his image says, “no half sends” … is he wrong?

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