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Phi Mu Member Asks Cam Newton To Formal Via Valentine’s Day Serenade

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Cam Newton is attending classes at Auburn this semester to work toward earning his degree, and for that, I say good on you, Cam.

College for the big guy has always been a rather unique experience I’m sure, seeing as how he was a household name the moment he set foot on campus several years ago, and that’s when he was just a broke college student, well allegedly. So now, back in Auburn, Alabama after a couple nice years in the NFL, he’s creating quite the buzz around town. He’s still just a college student though — going to classes, doing homework, studying, posting up in the library, dodging all the 18 to 22-year-old trim thrown at him. You see, Cam’s a lady killer.

Rachel Gilmore, a Phi Mu at Auburn, wants a piece of the action. She took advantage of a Valentine’s Day serenade service to ask him to her sorority formal.

Newton was serenaded today by a group from the Wesley Foundation hired to deliver the Blessed Individual a $10 Singing Valentines during one of his classes in Haley Center by Rachel Gilmore, a Phi Mu looking for a date to a Carnation Formal.


“We found Cam’s class at 12:30 then asked the teacher if it was OK,” said freshman Avery Ginn who played the guitar on the short version of “My Girl” (changed to “My Guy”).

Apparently the group had to clear it with his bodyguards, too, who were waiting for Newton just outside the door. “They were actually kind of on the fence about it, but it went really well,” said Tomi Obebe, who handled the main vocals “shaking the whole time.”

As for Newton’s reaction, “he loved it,” Ginn said. “He was a little stunned but he got really into it.”

Body guards on campus? Totally necessary.

And the video:

You gotta love the prof calling a timeout to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame.

So, here’s the kicker. Ole gal Rachel Gilmore has got to be ugly, right? This isn’t me dogging on Phi Mu at Auburn either — I know literally nothing about that sorority, so they could all be SI swimsuit models for all I know — but when you picture someone laying it all out on the line like this in such a public, overtly willing way, you don’t picture the girl being a five or above. Am I off base here? Yeah, so I understand that Cam Newton is extremely famous and rich and he lifts weights and all that, but the more desirables tend to set the bait and wait for the big fish to come to them. And if they were to ask someone to an event like this, you’d expect it to be done in private.

You have to account for the Newton fame factor, though. You can’t land this kind of date without putting some public heat on him. Still though, no way this girl is not ugly.

But as far as I can tell, she’s not.


Rachel Gilmore, not ugly

No word yet if Cam has accepted or declined the invitation, but Drunk Santa Clause is a solid backup option.

[via The War Eagle Reader]


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