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(PHOTOS) People of Benghazi Take to the Streets to Protest the Attacks that Killed Four Americans

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A lot of news has come out today about the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. For starters, officials now believe the attack was not an impromptu riot, but rather a coordinated assault. Scary stuff.

There is, however, one nice story out of all this awfulness, and that has been the response of the people of Benghazi. A pro-United States demonstration was held today, so that the non-terrorist citizens of Benghazi could differentiate themselves from their dickbag extremist counterparts.

If that were me I’d be holding the biggest pro-America sign possible and shouting at the cameraman, “Did you get me!?! Did you get a picture!?! Of my face!?! DID YOU GET A PICTURE OF MY FACE!!!!! GET ANOTHER ONE JUST TO BE SURE! CAN YOU SEE THE SIGN! CAN YOU SEE ME WITH THIS SIGN!?!?! TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE!!”

Here are some pictures from the rally.

According to the Redditor who posted the pictures the Arabic signs translate to the following:

Here are some translations of the Arabic signs, not at all in order:

-No, no, no to Al Qaida
-No to Al Qaida, no to terrorism; this is a young people’s revolution
-Arrest the killers [lit. armed men] today
-No place for Al-Qaida here
-The flavor of terrorism is not for Libya
-Enough retaliation, we want [cut off, probably “peaceful”] reactions
-Islam is innocent, the traitors are spoiling our [cut off]
-Do you reward for good other than good?
-Whoever has no conscience, remember that God waits but does not neglect (Got help on this one from DONGREL below)

You can find all the photos on Imgur.

[via Reddit]


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