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Poll Finds That The World Likes America Better Than China…SUCK IT CHINA

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Ever wonder what the world thinks of us compared to our new rival, China? Sure, opinions of America have fluctuated for the past decade or so. 9/11 happened and everyone said, “Hey! They’re nice guys! Why would you do that? Go get ’em America!” Then we invaded Iraq and everyone was all, “YOU ARE THE DEVIL,” and they weren’t really wild about the fact that we were TFTC for the UN. Then Obama got elected and everyone was like, “Yay change! You’re cool again, America!” Then, of course, Obama started making it rain death from flying robots wherever he felt like and now the world is pretty split on that.

Was any of what I just said accurate? I don’t even know. What I do know is that, while there is always some animosity towards Americans, because people tend to scoff at #1, opinion tends to vary. What’s more interesting is that even though people like to talk shit on America, if you forced them to compare us to a country like China, which is an environmental and human rights nightmare run by a totalitarian government, their opinions start to change. Suddenly, America isn’t so bad, huh?

The results of the Pew survey, which involved people in 39 countries around the world, were pretty interesting. Here’s a map of the results, via Max Fisher/The Washington Post:


Mostly, the results aren’t so surprising. Pakistan isn’t too wild about us, big surprise there. God, I hate you, Pakistan. Not really sure why the UK isn’t dark blue, but I’ll let it slide. Really, there aren’t any countries that sided with China that I give all too many shits about, except for Argentina, that’s a bummer.

Surprised by any of the results?

[via The Washington Post]


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