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Professor In West Virginia Bans Students From Citing Fox News, Quickly Backtracks After Shitstorm

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“I thought this was America! Huh!?! Isn’t this America? I’m sorry I thought this was America” – Randy Marsh

Stephanie Wolfe, a political science professor on temporary appointment at West Liberty University (liberty my ass) in West Virginia, recently banned students in her class from using Fox News as a source for a political journal they were assigned to keep over the course of the semester. The point of the journal was apparently for the students to record their reactions to various news articles they read. Wolfe’s instructions, which were in the class syllabus, read as follows:

DO NOT use

1) The Onion — this is not news this is literally a parody

2) Fox News — The tagline “Fox News” makes me cringe. Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion

MSNBC and The Huffington Post, however, were perfectly acceptable “unbiased” news sources for the students, according to the professor, who apparently defines bias as “people who disagree with her.” I really can’t argue with that logic though, I shout the same thing at women who refuse to let me use the lady’s restroom at various establishments. They’re cleaner dammit!

Ironically, one would think the professor would enjoy a student reaction to a Fox News article if that reaction were a negative one, giddily writing “A+ for agreeing with me!” across the top of the paper. Though God help the student who criticizes a HuffPo article about a PETA campaign comparing salmon farms to Bosnian genocide.

“I don’t think the article was critical enough of such a drastic and clearly absurd comparison.”
F– Because shut up that’s dumb don’t be biased.

Of course the ban did not last long, apparently the professor forgot she was in West Virginia. Students quickly complained to their parents, who then called the university and presumably to much greater effect, local news outlets. After the minor uproar Professor Wolfe quickly backtracked and allowed students to cite Fox News.

Now, as our forefathers intended, students in the West Liberty University political science class are free to cite any number of shitty news sources, both left and right leaning.

God bless America.

[via Inside Higher Ed]


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