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Psychopathic Genius Gets Caught Trying To Have Six Dates In One Night

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Not all heroes wear capes. I mean haven’t you ever seen “The Incredibles.” Capes are a huge liability. Magicians wear capes. That type of stigma should have killed the cape industry altogether. But I digress.

A man in D.C. recently found himself in hot water when he was caught trying to have sex different dates on one night. Six damn dates. SIX. That’s one woman for every film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Unprecedented.

A woman named Lisette Pylant went on twitter and told a thoroughly hilarious story about a dude simply named Justin, who went on a date with her and tried to smoothly cram in 5 more girls within the next couple of hours.

According to her, this already legendary tale went something like this.

She met Justin at a bar, and the dude kinda sucked but she decided to just tough it out and stay because she had some buddies that worked at the bar. 45 minutes later, she realizes he double booked because ANOTHER girl showed and he introduced Lisette to her as his “friend.” Then he excused himself a moment so he could answer a phone call.

Well. Well. Well.

The plot thickens. A 3rd chick shows up, and they realized what was going on. So the 3 girls leave to go get drinks together across the street. But not before they got the bartender in on it. A little later, the bartender texts her to report that he’s now there with a FOURTH girl. Incredible.

Then they intercepted girl number 5 and warned about the current situation. So she bailed and got drinks with them. Justin apparently abandoned the 6th date. Was there a 7th? An 8th? A 150th? Reportedly no, but I want physical evidence that weren’t more dates before I believe that.

Say what you want, but this man gave it a shot. He’s an innovator and a risk-taker, which is honorable. When you look up “ambition” in the dictionary it’s just a picture of Justin.

[via NY Post]

Image via Shutterstock

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