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Disturbed Genius Combines Golf, Skee-Ball And Beer Pong In Must-Have Fraternity House Game

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Break time up here at the TFM office just keeps getting better. First there was ping pong, then Golden Tee, then our customized cornhole set from our friends over at East Coast Cornhole, and now…The Puttskee. It’s tough having to take so much time off from work to play all of these games, but somebody’s gotta do it.

The Puttskee is the newest game for your tailgate, pregame, rush event, rained-out tee time, or just any time you’re looking to show off a combination of the golf skills you honed out on the course and the skee-ball skills you honed at Billy Marshall’s 8th birthday party.

“Sober or not, it’s a blast. Made in America, so it’s built to last.” That’s not their slogan — I just made it up. It ought to be, though, because it’s amazing, true, and because I thought of it. Feel free to claim that, Puttskee dudes.

Here’s a quick video about how this magical game works.

For The Puttskee board, there’s even a motherfucking app you can download to keep score on your phone. Take pencil and paper out of the equation. Save some trees. These guys thought of everything.

The Pongskee board is my personal favorite, for obvious reasons. I mop the floor with the competition. All I do is win, win, win…no matter what. Beat Bacon so bad last week that he had to do a naked lap. Since I’m an intern, though, he just ended up delegating the naked lap to me. I think we got an eviction notice over the weekend for it, too. Oh well. House rules are house rules.

Behold, here’s The Pongskee in motion.

Nice putt, Brady. Nice putt.

Brady’s got nothing on me, though. I’m taking challengers, too, so you hoes better practice up. Hit up The Puttskee’s website to get yours, spend about a zillion years putting on it until you think you’re as good as me, then come here and get rocked as I drain more buckets than a janitor working overtime. I’ll be waiting, bitches.

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