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Random Fraternity Guy Dishes Out A+ Advice On How To Avoid Dressing Like A Try-hard

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Random Fraternity Guy Dishes Out A+ Advice On How To Dress For Rush Events

If you’re wearing boat shoes, 6-inch inseams, and croakies in a blizzard because the internet told you it was “frat,” this one is for you. Some random fraternity kid is here to make sure that no one ever dresses like a try-hard.

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I’m not going to sit here and say that there aren’t plenty of try-hards out there who dress like total buffoons, but I think this kid is taking it just a bit too seriously. He does get one thing right in all of this: You aren’t frat because of how you dress, you are frat for the things you go through in pledgeship and after initiation.

Here I was thinking that rush was all about getting to know a person, not a fashion show. I think this guy needs to take his own advice and do less. I mean, he’s so caught up in how a person is dressed he sounds like damn chick.

“OMG look at that kid. He’s wearing TWO things of Vineyard Vines! No bid!”

“But, uh, Eric… the kid is smart as hell, was a two-sport athlete, and gets a lot of chicks. Maybe you should reconsider.”

“NOPE. I drew the line when I specifically said ONLY ONE PIECE OF VINEYARD VINES.”

Besides, as every good pledge master knows: With proper hazing, uhhh I mean guidance, you can always turn a try-hard’s most negative aspects into positive ones.

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Harrison Lee

The Boulevard is a Content Manager for Grandex, Inc. He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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