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Random People Admit To The Time When Their Game Of Truth Or Dare Got Extremely Out Of Control

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Playing ‘Truth or Dare’ after the age of 16 is always an incredible(ly awkward) experience. There is just no way of predicting the weird shit you are going to see from your friends in those boundary-free moments.

It’s almost better to avoid the game altogether, because there is a chance you could fall victim to one of these vile ToD outcomes. But the possibility of seeing some tits or getting head from a girl you barely know will always drag you back in. I know. I’ve seen it happen before.

These random Redditors have, too. They shared the wildest Truth or Dare moments they can remember. Here are some of the best ones.

From Reddit:

This girl asked her friend to dare someone to have unprotected sex with her. When he received the dare he literally just got up and walked out the house. Then the girl gets drunk, tries it on with a few guys there (to which they all rejected), confessed her love to another guy there, threatened to kill herself, then fell asleep.

This was a few years ago. I saw her a few months back and she looked pretty normal to me. That is pretty and normal, but I will never forget that day.

Truth or Dare: It’s like therapy with your friends!

When a guy I didn’t know was dared to jack off under a blanket and finish while everyone watched. Everyone watched…

Jizzing is always more fun with an audience.

My friends little brother (9 or 10 years old) came in and dared one of the girls to slit her finger open, put a paperclip into her finger then stick that paperclip into an electrical outlet while it was still in her finger. After we told him no he offered a replacement dare, which was to go down the street and burn down the church.

This kid sounds like a pro.

At a party someone asked “Who gave you the best blowjob ever?” hoping to get a compliment. Instead, we found out that the man had received a BJ from every woman there and one of the men. That started a long chain of “Wait Bob had sex with Sally? When?” etc. Names changed, feelings were hurt.

Don’t know how you continue the game after that one.

Me: Truth My sister: Mom and Dad never loved you. Me: I don’t think that’s how the game works.

Who the fuck plays truth or dare with their siblings?

There was a time we were playing truth or dare in a hot tub. A girl friend of ours had dared me to get hard in front of everyone. So I get up out of the tub and start playing with myself. Then from around the corner of the house I get a flashlight in my face.
That was the time I masterbated in front of a police officer.

I bet dad was proud.

Friend got dared by his girlfriend to have sex with her in the other room and finish inside her (no birth control). He refused, they broke up, we found out it was a setup she had planned to get herself preggies and force him to marry her. Strange night.

Yeah, that definitely sounded like a trap.

“Bet you can’t jump that ditch”, 4 hours later the guy had dislocated one of shoulders the doctor told us.

What a legend.

In my first or second year of UNI my group of friends and I were having a get together after finals ended. Considering finals had just ended and it was only about 7 of us, consuming alcohol seemed like the go to activity.

So once the buzz started to hit us one of my friends tried to start a game of spin the bottle, but being a group of three couples and one single guy we decided to play truth or dare instead.
Like all truth or dare games it started out pretty innocently (Take more shots, who’s your celebrity crush, ect), but eventually things turned a bit weird. Our one single guy decided to dare one of the girls to lick whipped cream off of his shlong, and with a reluctant nod from her boyfriend she got to action. Or.. At least tried to.

Once she took off the dude’s pants and saw his (well) hung appendage she yells “Damn I’ve never seen one this big!” And before she could even uncap the whipped cream her boyfriend was swinging full force at the guy.

Me and my other friend had to get in between a half naked guy and a drunk ape, and by the time we split them up everyone was uncomfortable as hell.

After we resolved it and me and my girlfriend started leaving I just remember her leaning up to my ear and telling me “She knew her boyfriend was self conscious about his dick.”

Why would he agree to that in the first place?

Probably 20 years old at the time. Gf her sister and girl cousin from Germany were in the car. Cousin says let’s play and so we all said OK. All fun and games till we pull over into a McDonald’s parking lot and I get dared to walk in and order fries in my underwear. They drove off and I had to borrow the phone to call my gf to make them come back for me. Saw all the tits though, so it was worth it.


I (24f) was playing truth or dare with my roommates. (24m, 25m) roommate number one dares roommate number two to pee on me. Neither of us put up a fight.. roomie number one made us feel weird for being down for the dare.

Getting peed on is not a thing. This can not be a thing.

One of my friends put Tabasco in his eye. It was either truth or dare or the result of a game of poker, it’s been 10 years or more ago.

You’ve got some sadistic friends.

We told her she had to kiss the dog, we didn’t think she was going to use tongue. After that we just didn’t want to play anymore.

The dog sure has hell did.

When three of my friends, all straight males, wound up laying on the floor trying to see who could get a full raging boner first.

One of their girlfriends walked in on the competition.

We don’t play Truth Or Dare anymore.

Sounds like every other night at Sigma Chi.

Not truth or dare but during a game of Neve Have I Ever my friend said “never have I ever blown a guy” all the girls put down fingers. Said friend looked at my boyfriend and said “uh you have to put a finger down”. Turned out my boyfriend cheated on me with a guy. Kicker every single person in the room playing the game knew about it but me. Awkward silence ensued.

You were set up.

At my first job, back when I was a teenager, about 6 of us were playing this mid-shift. 3 girls, 3 guys. It was barely starting to get risqué and one of the guys is asked “have you ever masturbated to thoughts of a coworker?” And he says yes.
This is as juicy as it’s gotten, so we latch onto it. The next time around, he’s asked if he’s masturbated to anyone else playing. He says yes. Next round, he’s asked to name which of us he’s jerked it to. He looks at us one by one, then says “all of you.” The guys all got flustered as hell, they’d never even realized they were on the roster.

Sounds like an expert troll.

I think my most exciting game of truth or dare was cut down in its prime when a guy dared his girlfriend to flash everyone and then broke down crying because now everyone had seen her bikini zone and he no longer felt special.

All legitimate games of Truth or Dare end with someone in tears.

I wasn’t playing, I went to bed (ok, went to sleeping bag) early.
I vaguely recall dreaming of waking up as one of the cute girls of the group grinding on me on top of my sleeping bag (I am an EXTREMELY heavy sleeper, and they all knew that.
When I woke up, I was pretty sure I had had a wet dream.

She wouldn’t talk to me the next morning and everyone was a little awkward about telling me what happened the night before (apparently what happens in truth or dare stays in truth or dare).

That’s just not your fault, man.

A guy stood right at the edge and shat into the swimming pool at the motel we were staying at.

That’s not Truth or Dare, that’s spring break.

Got dared by my best friend to give my boyfriend a blowjob in front of the group. I was too nervous to actually get him off, and another friend dared my best friend (who is gay) to finish the job for me. He was able to get boyfriend off in about ten seconds.
Things were awkward for a long time after that

That sounds awful for everyone involved.

Girl I had an interest in at the time knew I was into her and dared me to stop being attracted to her. Still hurts.


Can you top any of these? Share your story in the comments. To read more of this ridiculous thread, click HERE.

[via Reddit]

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