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Random People Revealed Their Best Drunken Accomplishments And They Are Impressive

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Random People Revealed Their Best Drunken Accomplishments And They Are Impressive

Everyone has their greatest drunken accomplishments that they feel compelled to share with each other.

Me? I get belligerently drunk, scour this great site called Reddit dot com, and bring you guys tons of extremely GoodContent™. It’s what I’m absolutely most proud of and I’ll be telling my grandkids all about the days when Grandpa was a legend in the digital age. By then, they will all be trust fund brats from the money I invested out of my Grandex Writers pension.

Thanks to ~random~ internet strangers, we can copy other people’s drunk accomplishments.

From Reddit:

Drunk me decided to send a private message via linked in to one of my contacts about a job sober me was very interested in. However sober me felt we weren’t totally qualified or ready for it. Sober me took no actions. Drunk me felt totally qualified, and my confident drunk message got me the interview which later translated into an offer.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take — drunk or sober.

Signed up for classes and went back to school.

This kid was drunk for a long time. Probably still is.

I ordered pizza for the morning. I then fell asleep and was woken up by the pizza delivery guy at 11am.
Best breakfast ever.

This might be the greatest idea I’ve ever heard.

Wore a condom.

Always think with your head. No one has time for a baby.

Order shit online.
I don’t remember ordering fifty bags of beef jerky, but I enjoyed it.

If you hate beef jerky then fuck you.

When I was drunk at a get together my buddy asked me not to sleep with this girl who was coming on to me because he had liked her for a long time. I apparently took this as a challenge and got extremely shit faced. I was a total ass and she stopped talking to me. A few months later they were engaged and now have a baby. Drunk me is a good bro.

Best wingman in the history of wingmen.

Started an amateur porn company in my garage called BrownHole Productions and made apparently 3 movies all of which I didn’t remember until the next day when my cousin showed me the videos

BrownHole Productions might need to make a comeback in the porn world. I’d watch. Think we have a winner.

Decided to sleep it off instead of drive home.
Good choice, drunk me.

Just kidding. NOW we have a winner. Don’t drive drunk.

To read more of this thread and some of the awesome replies, click HERE.

[via Reddit]

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