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Ranking The 7 Best Comedies Of The Year So Far

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We’re a little over halfway through 2016 and a good amount of great films have come out. For anyone who’s behind on films this year and wants a good laugh, here are the seven best comedies of 2016 so far.

Now do me a favor: make sure to leave unnecessarily angry and hostile comments if you disagree with this list. And feel free to say some brilliant stuff involving how much you’d never take any comedy-related advice from me. Can’t wait.

7. Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart seems to be in pretty much every fuckin’ movie nowadays. And while he’s a phenomenal standup comic, so far none of his movie roles had actually been funny or worth watching. That’s why I didn’t have high hopes for this buddy comedy — but I ended up pleasantly surprised. While it’s far from original, and some jokes fall flat, this movie actually made me laugh my ass off. Stupid but fun. Worth one (1) watch.

6. Keanu

The film debut of Key and Peele was pretty damn funny. While it doesn’t provide as much belly laughs as their TV show, it’s definitely a solid start. Ridiculous yet subdued, it moves at a slick pace and never overstays it’s welcome. I can’t wait to see what the dynamic duo does next. Plus, ya gotta admit, that cat is just too goddamn cute.

5. The Brothers Grimsby

From the brilliant mind of Sacha Baron Cohen (the dude behind Borat, Brüno and The Dictator), Grimsby is easily the grossest and most offensive film on the list. Even the most cynical viewers with the strongest of stomachs will probably get disgusted and uncomfortable during some scenes. Luckily, Cohen has mastered the art of gross and darkly uncomfortable humor. An already underrated gem worth watching.

4. Swiss Army Man

By far the weirdest movie of 2016 so far. The plot is absurd, and it somehow still gets even more absurd than expected. It gets oddly dark and heartbreaking, but it still manages to be laugh out loud hilarious at times. By far the most unique film I’ve seen so far this year, there’s absolutely nothing like it. Daniel Radcliffe gives a shockingly amazing performance as a farting corpse.

3. Neighbors 2

While sequels are almost never as good as the first (especially comedy sequels), Neighbors 2 was a pleasant surprise, providing even more laughs (and depth) than the original. Crazy but somehow socially conscious, I pretty much didn’t go a minute without laughing out loud. Its social commentary caused some butthurt dudes to call it “liberal propaganda,” but some dumbasses just can’t take a joke.

2. Deadpool

Easily the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight (suck my dick, Avengers), comic book fans have been eagerly awaiting this long-anticipated Ryan Reynolds flick for almost a decade, and it did not disappoint. With ridiculous, over-the-top meta humor and 4th wall breaks, along with raunchy jokes juxtaposed with graphic violence, it’s a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated sea of white bread superhero movies. It also ended up being the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Respect.

1. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Comedy trio The Lonely Island outdid themselves. While this was unfortunately a box office bomb, it’s one of the funniest movies of the past few years. With its mockumentary format, it basically feels like a 2016 This Is Spinal Tap. Andy Samberg plays a famous popstar named Connor4Real. He’s clearly mocking Justin Bieber, but the movie also takes hilarious little shots at Macklemore. The humor is fast-paced, unique and bizarre, and I couldn’t breathe when I watched it. It’s a future cult classic and it’s definitely worth watching ASAP.

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