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Rapper Offers $50K Scholarship To “Best Twerker”

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Bands a make her dance…and will apparently support her college education? Late last night, Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J announced via Twitter that he will be rewarding $50,000 of cold hard scholarship cash to the “best chick that can twerk.”


While there is no word yet on the exact criteria to be judged for the scholarship, or even how an aspiring twerk artist can apply, the internet is buzzing wildly over this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For all of you debilitatingly Caucasian readers out there, “twerking” is a fairly recent dance craze that is prominent in hip hop culture. Your typical twerk involves a large buttocked female placing her hands on either her knees or a wall, and vigorously shaking her ass in an up and down motion. Complicated? No. Nice to look at? You’re goddamn right it is. Even white boys got to shout.

While I can’t state with any certainty what Juicy J’s motivations are behind this contest, one can only presume that he wants to watch a lot of bitches twerk with little to no effort on his part. To a rapper of his notoriety, $50,000 is roughly the equivalent of a casual Tuesday evening on the town, and we should all commend him for offering this money towards education instead of his typical hundreds of pounds of purple-tinted marijuana.

While the feminists may scoff at this admittedly ridiculous offer, who are they to refuse a woman a college education? I’m sure there are countless college-bound girls out there whose twerking abilities far surpass the quality of their SAT scores, and who are we to punish them?

Universities give millions of dollars each year to students who are dumb as rocks, yet can run pretty fast with a ball in their hands. Why not make it rain a few dollars on the amazing ass-shakers of our society? If anything, this isn’t degrading to women, it’s empowering. Suck on those nuts, Title IX.

While the tweet in question no longer appeared on Mr. J’s Twitter feed early Thursday, let us all collectively hope that he only removed the evidence in order to more fully prepare the guidelines for the upcoming contest.

[via HipHopWired]

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