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Rays Pitcher David Price Tweets That Women Are Bad Drivers

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Are men better drivers than women? For some reason insurance companies don’t think so. While I’m sure Danica Patrick could easily out-drive a young Ted Kennedy, I also know that I’ve almost always been forced to drive when with a girlfriend during inclement weather, and most clear days as well, and I think that goes for the majority of guys, if only because no woman wants to hear, “Well technically honey, you should drive, because statistically speaking women are the safer drivers,” though that’s just because statistics are involved, and women are as terrible at math as they are at driving.

Besides, what a skewed set of statistics! If men are the ones being forced to drive in the most difficult conditions, then of course women will be shown as statistically safer. Progressive needs to start getting progressive with their driving statistics. They could use the kind of outside the box, sabermetric thinking employed by baseball teams like the Tampa Bay Rays. Hey, speaking of the Tampa Bay Rays, you know who understands everything I just said? Tampa Bay Rays Cy Young winner David Price. He tweeted as much, in the interest of this nation’s safety, and received nothing but hate.

Though accurate, Price might want to think twice before critiquing female driving skills, because it didn’t work out so well for the last MLB pitcher to do so.


[via Twitter]


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