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Rich Airbnb Guests Have A Wild Cocaine-Fueled Sex Party At Newlyweds’ House On New Years

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Rich Airbnb Guests Have A Wild Cocaine-Fuelled Sex Party At Newlyweds’ House On New Years

There’s a right way and wrong way to ring in the New Year. As a young 20-something with a bevy of life choices still ahead of me, I would argue the wrong way would be by getting married. The right way, I would argue, is going hard in the paint, snorting coke, and getting laid at a stranger’s house. You’ve got to start 2016 hot.

A newlywed Canadian couple woke up to quite a surprise on New Year’s Day when they found their Airbnb guests cutting up coke and banging on the couch.

On New Year’s Eve, Justine Smith and her fiancé (now husband) rented out their three-bedroom apartment. They rented one room to one man and another to a young couple about 20-22 years old.

Oh sweet, naive Justine. If you only knew what was in store for you that night.

After Justine and her husband signed their legal marriage documents, they returned home for the night. Some time in the middle of the night, they heard the young couple return and start cutting up cocaine. Being chill AF, Justine says she was annoyed but let it slide. Then, around 5 a.m., her husband heard two people having sex on the couch. Again, being chill AF, Justine let it slide since there was no moaning and groaning.

Fast forward to about 9:30 a.m.:

This brings back so many fuzzy, early morning memories. Caught with your dick in your hand once again.

Oh shit. Justine, you DO party.

The guests agreed to clean up the apartment, pay for the extra people, then hit the road. They were supposedly very polite about the whole thing and even left an apology behind.

They were fucked up, Justine. You can’t hold this one against them.

And there you have it. No cops called. No one got in trouble. No damage done (although Justine’s looking for advice on “cleaning orgy out of my rug” and is getting her “cum-caked carpet cleaned”).

Best of all is Justine’s theory for the cocaine-fueled orgy:

From the heart of all of us guys who’ve gotten too fucked up and done weird things with strangers in other strangers’ houses, thank you, Justine, for being so chill. This next cocaine-fueled orgy is dedicated to you.

Image via YouTube

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