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Richmond Overreacts To Lame Kappa Alpha Email, Cancels All IFC Events For The Weekend

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Monday, the Kappa Alpha Order chapter at the University of Richmond was suspended by its nationals and the university over a very forgettable email that ended with an extremely stale fart of a joke about fathers being afraid to send their daughters away to college. Now, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Richmond is suspending lodge events for all fraternities this upcoming weekend.

From NBC 12:

We learned this morning of an email from two members of the Kappa Alpha National Fraternity that was sent to about 100 students on campus. The e-mail contained grossly offensive language and suggestions of behavior inconsistent with our policies concerning Greek life and with the caring nature of our campus community. As a result, the University has suspended all chapter operations, activities, and events pending a thorough investigation. We have also contacted the national Kappa Alpha Headquarters, which promptly suspended the chapter while it conducts its own membership review and investigation. University administration will be meeting with Greek leadership to discuss the suspension and to reiterate our expectations for Greek Life, which include standards of behavior, sustaining a respectful and safe campus climate, and the core values of service, leadership, scholarship and fellowship.

The only thing that was particularly offensive with the entire message was how it grossly lacked any originality. I bet the kid that sent it’s whole “sense of humor” is misquoting Will Ferrell movies and following it with, “Do you remember that one, you guys?”

Regardless, it’s outrage over absolutely nothing. Yes, I’m fully aware that there have been some mishandlings by Richmond faculty over recent rape allegations, but lumping this stupid email into the same stratosphere as real world sexual assault crimes is downright reckless. I can not stress that enough. You’re actually hurting victims of sexual assault and rape every time you bring attention to these non-stories because you’re flooding the market with bullshit and the legitimate cases are getting swept the wayside.

Not to mention looking at sentences like “Tonight’s the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school. Let’s get it” and immediately jumping to rape instead of consensual sex says 100 percent more about the type of fucked up individual you are than it does the (lame) fraternity member that originally sent it.

What, girls can’t go wild and let loose sexually in college out of their own free will? Dad’s aren’t terrified that their daughters are actually the ones initiating mutually agreed upon sex? Maybe be a little more open minded, you misogynists.

Sorry for getting somewhat serious on you guys for a minute there. I’d much rather continue writing the dick jokes and satirical takes you come to the site for on a daily basis, but some big time journalist over at Elite Daily thinks I’m a “reporter,” so I’m trying to act the part.

Hey Sempai, I didn’t go to school for writing, but isn’t actually attributing direct quotes to the name that said it, like, day one stuff? Just asking. You’re the MFA after all. Though you might want to work on that self-appointed “humor writer” title. Comparing this email to the Brock Turner situation didn’t quite tickle the funny bone, personally. But what do I know? I’ve only been doing this for 2.5 years and you’re the one with the “massive” social media following. Keep doing you, player.

[via NBC 12]

Image via The Collegian

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