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The Rutgers “Dick Butt Vandal” Must Be Brought To Justice

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A filthy vandal has been spreading the “Dick Butt” meme all over buildings and sidewalks on the campus of Rutgers University.

From The Daily Targum:

Depictions of a popular meme known as “Dick Butt” began appearing on Douglass campus near Hickman Hall, on Livingston campus near Tillet Hall, the Livingston Student Center and the Livingston Plaza bus stop and on Cook campus near the Newell Apartments.

University spokesperson Greg Trevor said Rutgers police are searching for the vandal. University Facilities and Capital Planning have been notified to remove the graffiti.

This sophomoric humor has got to stop. It is my sincere hope that this perpetrator is caught and punished as quickly as possible, and that the good people over at Rutgers can wipe this filth from their fine institution. It seems like the student body agrees with me:

Shivani Patel, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student, said when she first saw the drawings about three weeks ago, she was reminded of the immaturity of some college students.

“Incidents like these take me back to high school,” Patel said. “Rutgers has such a huge name and the University needs to stay up to its name.”

Ever heard of one bad apple spoiling the bunch? This is a prime example right here. I’d venture to say that the damage has already been done, and Rutgers has been permanently tarnished by these incidents. The halls of a university are for learning and bettering oneself, not drawing these… these… PENISES!

Not to mention the PC implications here. “Dick Butt?” Really, anonymous Rutgers student? Throwing male-ness where it does not need to be only serves to exacerbate the hypermasculine view of the world that we need to destroy. What about “Vagina Butt?” Yes, that is the name for what a woman gains when she has a baby and all her stuff tears up down there and morphs together, but it’s still a net positive for the PC movement.

At least Rutgers can fall back on its fine athletic program in times such as these.


Oh, my bad.

[via The Daily Targum]

Image via YouTube

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