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SAE Dance At KKG Charity Event Triggers Students, Causes Lots Of Unnecessary Apologizing

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You ever see a dance so provocative that you think to yourself, “THIS is why we need to shut the whole damn system down?” A dance performed by SAE members for a KKG charity event at Washington University in St. Louis pretty much did just that. It was so raunchy, in fact, that it allegedly mimicked sexual assault.

From Student Life:

The March 25 performance, which included a feigned slap across the face during a sexually charged sequence and a member pushing another to the ground and rolling over him, was choreographed by several senior members in SAE and KKG coaches assigned to the fraternity as part of their philanthropy week.

The performance made some members of the audience uncomfortable, with several attendees reporting feeling triggered by what they saw as simulations of sexual assault.

In response to complaints about the event, SAE president and junior Yano Windmiller sent an email offering an apology to sorority chapter heads Monday, March 26.

Um, okay? I really wish there were video of this event (and if there is, please send it in) because I can’t really wrap my head around how this dance triggered people. The written description of it makes it sound pretty damn tame compared to some of the shit I’ve seen. Shakira’s “She Wolf” always gets me fully… er… “triggered.”

The performance was part of Kappa Karaoke, an event that benefits Reading Is Fundamental and Project Backpack St. Louis. But screw those causes, right? That dance had me feeling all these bad feelings on the inside!

The dance was apparently so bad that the Women’s Panhellenic Association will be reviewing the incident. I can’t wait for next year’s Kappa Karaoke. Shit gon’ be liiiiiiiit (with awkward high school prom sort of dancing).

KKG has apologized. SAE has apologized. Their Bystander Intervention Chair is working with Title IX. The choreographers are being sent to Standards Board. How much more blood do you want, heathens?! I say give ‘em the ol’ Michael Scott apology.

I’ll take my dancing elsewhere.

[via Student Life]

Image via Comedy Central/South Park

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