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  • Fail Friday

    391 Articles

    The most popular fail-themed series on the face of the planet. Fail-worthy pictures, videos, and one-liners submitted by our readers.

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  • TFM Babe of the Day

    1201 Articles

    The hottest babes from universities all around America, all in one place.

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  • Why Your Fraternity Sucks

    23 Articles

    Your fraternity sucks, and Dan Regester is here to tell you why.

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  • Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines

    231 Articles

    Tinder is a wild place full of outrageous people and bold exchanges. Keep up with the funniest collection of pickup lines anywhere on the internet.

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  • An Email Exchange Between A Broken Pledge And His Concerned Mother

    8 Articles

    Follow the ongoing saga of Karl, the emotionally broken pledge, and his overbearing mother’s email exchanges as she tries to comfort him during the most grueling and difficult phase of his life.

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  • Frat Romance Novel

    11 Articles

    The soulfully written series of young collegiate Darren’s lustful journey through college involves an abundance of detailed love-making. Grotesque, disgusting, alcohol-fueled love-making.

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  • Celebrity Composite Photos

    7 Articles

    If a celebrity, young or old, was in a fraternity, we will find his goddamn composite picture and share it with you.

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  • Mailbag

    83 Articles

    We are here to answer questions from you, our readers. They can range in anything from dating advice, how to choose which fraternities to rush, to the best ways to find an Addy plug in a drought. We have all the answers.

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  • In Defense of A Cheap Beer

    9 Articles

    Cheap beer gets a bad rap, but Jared Borislow won’t stand for it and he has dedicated an entire series to coming to their defense for some reason.

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  • Commenter of the Week

    7 Articles

    A weekly interview with the TFM commenter who stands out that week with his or her comments. We give you access to some of the most deranged and twisted minds on the internet.

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  • Let's Get Weird

    29 Articles

    Every Friday afternoon, we get weird. This series serves as an open platform for readers to talk about whatever they want with staff and other readers, and it’s all about fun. Good vibes in here only.

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