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Sexually Abusive Sorority Hazing Runs Rampant At Small Georgia University

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A tiny college in northern Georgia, Young Harris College, has become a bastion of some sexually-charged, aggressive hazing, and this time it’s the sororities coming in hot. Fraternities have some answering to do, as well, but the ladies are the center of this campus chaos. YHC Greek life is largely comprised of local chapters, resulting in an environment free of higher-up, regulatory, watchful eyes. This has created some unfortunate free rein involving sorority and fraternity hazing customs. Although sexual in nature, and even featuring some nudity, it’s not the type to get the pants twitching.

There is some seriously messed up stuff going out there. One current sophomore, Jo Hannah Burch, a former Gamma Psi pledge, is exploring all avenues to ensure the abusive nature of the Greek culture comes to a halt. She has filed a lawsuit against the college.

Fem blog Jezebel, being the dedicated do-gooders that they are, was able to obtain a list of “highly disturbing” allegations after the conclusion of an investigation. Here they are:

• Forcing female pledges to take part in a “panty run,” in which they are required to run across campus in their underwear as other students, including male students, look on;

• Forcing “sweethearts” (female members of male fraternities) to stand naked and be judged by the fraternity members;

• Forcing “sweethearts” to hump the ground and moan as if having sex, as the fraternity members look on;

• Forcing both female and male pledges to stand in a pool of water in which the older pledges have urinated or defecated in;

Forcing male pledges to engage in “elephant crawls” through a creek, during which the pledges crawl one behind another, with each pledge’s face planted between the buttocks of the pledge in front of him;

• Forcing female pledges to sit unclothed on running washing machines while members of the sorority use a permanent marker to mark areas of their bodies that jiggle;

• Interrogating students who are believed to have “ratted” on fellow Greeks and making derogatory and sexually explicit personal insults. In one particular instance during the Spring semester, a female student was screamed at to the point of tears in front of an entire sorority and called sex-specific insults such as “cunt” and “whore.”

“Forcing male pledges to engage in “elephant crawls” through a creek, during which the pledges crawl one behind another, with each pledge’s face planted between the buttocks of the pledge in front of him”

No, thanks.

Hazing is a test of more than just one’s physical, mental, or psychological endurance. At some point — in not all, but some, cases — a decision has to be made about the compromise of one’s principles and self-respect. Personally speaking, planting my money-maker into the asshole of another dude is a fair distance past where I draw the line. Shit ain’t cool. It’s like gay-zing with a sick, demonic, smelly twist.

I’ll catch you guys in the dining hall or hooping it up at the rec, because I’m out of there.

Jo Hannah Burch reached her breaking point, too. My guess is it was somewhere between the washing machine jiggle-a-thon and standing nude in piss and shit while surrounded by onlookers.

Young Harris College is attempting to sweep the embarrassing allegations under the rug. Because of some persistence on behalf of Burch, the school will have to respond in court.

YHC “has until May 28th to formally respond to the case, which accuses the administration of violating Title IX by knowing and condoning a culture of pervasive sexual harassment among the Greek student groups on YHC campus.”

[via Peach Pundit, Jezebel]

Image via Georgia Mountain Beacon


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