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Some Dude Bought 5,000 Shots At A UGA Bar Last Thursday

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Some Dude Bought 5,000 Shots At A UGA Bar Last Thursday

Waking up and checking your American Express app to see what you spent the night before is on my list of “Enjoyable Things To Do” right next to punching myself in the dick and watching Ellen. Best case scenario, I see that I bought a pitcher or two and called it a night. Worst case scenario is probably buying 5,000 shots for an entire bar at UGA.

Weirdly, it sounds like this guy does stupid shit like this all the time, per a bartender at 100 Proof in Athens, Georgia, where this whole ordeal went down.

So the guy comes in 100 Proof of Athens randomly on Thursdays and does this. Usually he buys 50 shots at a time or a round for the whole bar. He’s stepped his game up and bought 3-4 rounds of 1000 at a time last night so probably 5k shots total. I’m always his bartender, here is my whole snap story from last night. I was working so I couldn’t take as much as normal.

She included a video, and yeah, looks like this dude bought somewhere in the range of 5,000 shots.

The questions I have surrounding this video are as follows: How much did 5,000 hastily made shots cost this guy? What does this guy get out of randomly buying 50 shots at a time on a weekly basis at this place? Did he call ahead to let this semi-scorching bartender know that she’d be mixing the better part of 600 bottles of liquor? And finally, even if these things were free for everyone, they couldn’t possibly have finished every single shot, right? 5,000 is a lot of shots.

I’d say this guy should try a little less, but he’s clearly doing something right considering he’s got the expendable income to fund an entire bar. Shooters shoot, I guess.

Image via YouTube

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