South Carolina Sororities Ban Members From Fraternity Tailgates Until Guys Get Their Drinking Under Control

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Sorority Council at the University of South Carolina has banned sorority members from fraternity tailgates until at least October 1. For fraternity members, this will mean a major lack of girls wearing little black dresses and cowboy boots for their first home game against East Carolina on September 17. According to a text message obtained by TFM, it appears as though the ban is the Sorority Council’s own form of punishment for the fraternity guys’ drunken behavior.


A written statement for the ban has yet to be released, but a sorority member who sat for a meeting with the council typed up the announcement and sent it to a fraternity member, who then sent it to us.

Judging by the announcement, it appears as though the ban was handed down as a means of curbing the drinking at USC fraternities, which have seen a substantial increase in alcohol-related hospitalizations this year (if someone can hit me with the stats proving that, I’d appreciate it). Apparently, sorority members will not be permitted to attend any private tailgate for the first home game on Saturday, and when October hits, those members will not be permitted to attend any tailgate that serves hard alcohol.

The council adds: “As women, we have the power to control the men.”



This sucks ass, but you have to admit, it is pretty hilarious. It’s essentially the organizational equivalent of a girlfriend withholding sex until a man gets his shit together. Totally enforceable, too. I guarantee there will be teams of sisters from every sorority patrolling the tailgate lots, looking for girls to slip up. Some people suck that badly.

Kind of fucked up how the sorority council puts all of the blame on the guys, though. Yes, fraternities are the ones serving the alcohol. But women are at just as much fault for drinking too much, throwing up in their dorm rooms, then telling their RAs, “I WAS AT XXXX FRAT PARTY!”


Here’s the official announcement:

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