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South Carolina State Rep. Wants To Create Database Tracking Incidents Involving Greek Members To Scare Potential Pledges

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For those of you that have somehow missed the spin for the last few years, college campuses are embroiled with incidents involving Greek members. Those unfortunate non-affiliated students are left to suffer at the hands of the degenerate fraternity and sorority shitheads.

That could change soon, though, because South Carolina State Representative Joshua Putnam has introduced legislation that would create a statewide database tracking incidents involving students involved in Greek organizations. The goal? To make parents “aware” of what their kids are pledging into.

From Independent Mail:

Responding to the death of Clemson University student Tucker Hipps, an Upstate legislator called Thursday for creating an online database listing arrests, investigations and violations linked to fraternities and sororities.

Putnam’s ridiculous bill, H4521, only targets fraternities, sororities, and “social organizations.” Crime statistics for incidents involving unaffiliated students don’t have to be included, because they’re apparently not an issue.

Putnam said his legislation is meant to “improve safety for college students” by providing “every tool for students and parents to make wise decisions.”

He said the measure would require incidents involving fraternities, sororities and other social organizations at the state’s public colleges and universities to be published online. The online database would include information about how each arrest, investigation and violation involving these organizations was resolved.

Under provisions of his bill, students and their parents would be made aware of the online database before students begin the process of joining a fraternity or sorority.

The entire goal of this asinine legislation is to scare off potential recruits. He didn’t even attempt to vaguely hide it under the guise of some other nonissue. Considering that on most campuses, Greek life does not come close to including 25 percent of the enrolled student body, Putnam is essentially saying that anything involving one rogue member immediately condemns the rest of his or her chapter by association.

What he is conveniently forgetting is that while letters bring the members together, letters don’t make a person. An ass will be an ass whether he’s a member of Greek life or a member of the chess club. To target the minority population, while entirely ignoring the transgressions of the much larger majority does absolutely nothing to curb incidents on college campuses, nor does it help make parents more “aware.” Instead, it only further bullies the organizations that, for the most part, contribute the most to campus.

Now, the bill is titled “Tucker Hipps Transparency Act,” and in no way am I downplaying the tragedy that occurred during that run. But this incident should not lead to the tracking of an entire segment of the student body. The university marching band isn’t suspended if one of their members is convicted of selling drugs or sexual assault. That member is dealt with accordingly and everyone else moves on with their own lives. Instead of pushing to further hold individuals accountable for their actions, this does nothing but encourage incoming freshman to avoid Greek life altogether, and strengthens the mindset that it is always a “chapter problem” rather than the idiocy of one moron.

If you are in South Carolina, I highly recommend you contact your state legislator and put an end to this nonsense. Don’t let this idiot prolong the idea that Greeks are to be avoided.

[via Independent Mail]

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Bogey Wells

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