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South Carolina’s Kicker Destroyed The Back Window Of A Car With An Errant Kick

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This kid’s got some leg.

Usually when you hear about broken car windows and sports you think baseball, and monster, glass shattering home runs. Or maybe some basketball mixtape dude trying to jump over a speeding car, failing, and irreparably maiming his once agile body. Hell, Melky Cabrera just wrecked some Sawx fan’s car parked outside of Fenway a few weeks ago.

Melky absolutely crushed that ball (dude’s got power, I wonder what his workout regimen is like…) and it still didn’t do half the damage that South Carolina kicker Elliot Fry did to the window.

Not only is the fact that Fry’s shot was more damaging hard to believe based on sheer velocity, but a football isn’t nearly as hard as a baseball. The only explanation is that the tip of the football hit the window perfectly, thus totally destroying it. I know these things, you guys, I was a physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider for five years before I left to work at TFM. Before I left we were on the brink of discovering whether or not God really existed, but the benefits were shit and I was all like, “Enough is enough you guys, I am DONE paying so much for Valtrex.”

Anyway, hell of a shot Fry. Hopefully the Head Ball Coach will reimburse the poor guy who owns the car, but my guess is Spurrier will just leave the owner with a quasi-sensical quip and a laugh before jaunting off. All while shirtless, of course. At least a signed visor would be nice.

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