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Starving New Jersey College Kids Are On Craigslist Pleading For Area Moms To Nurture Them

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college kid starving

I remember the first time I walked into a college dining hall. I was on a college visit in high school, and to me it seemed like a culinary wonderland. Sure, the food didn’t end up being that great, but compared to what my high school served it seemed like Bobby Flay himself was back there in the kitchen whipping up everything. For all I knew it was a five-star restaurant. I was so excited that I knew I couldn’t avoid the freshman 15; I was just going to embrace it.

Fast forward about three days into my freshman year and I was already sick of dining hall food. The pizza that tasted straight out of Italy earlier in the week now tasted like microwaved styrofoam garbage. To add insult to injury, I was too broke to order real food from the world outside of my small suburban campus. That’s when I realized why college kids love Thanksgiving so much: it’s the only time all semester they eat a quality, all-you-can-eat meal for free. Stuff yourself with that cranberry sauce and turkey when late November rolls ’round, freshmen — it’s the last decent, edible thing you’ll scarf down until winter break.

That is the reality many college kids are handed, but not everyone just sits back and accepts it. Some New Jersey college kids thought of a unique way to get themselves a decent home-cooked meal.

From The Press of Atlantic City:

Three area college students are hoping to find a mom-away-from-mom using Craig’s List. An advertisement appeared on the South Jersey Craig’s List earlier this month soliciting homemade cooking from an area mom “or good Samaritan” that would provide three “college kids” with food in exchange for “whatever cash we can throw together, maybe some labor work.”

You can check out the full Craigslist post here.

Gotta hand it to these kids; they’re so desperate for good grub that they’re borderline putting themselves up for adoption. Respect. Hunger makes you do crazy things, even desert your own family that’s most likely paying for your tuition.

The kids weren’t just in it for the food, though.

Beer is also kindly accepted,” the ad reads.

While booze is a college necessity, don’t ask your adoptive internet mom for it. If she’s already agreed to pamper you — someone she met on Craigslist who is asking for handouts — hasn’t she done enough for you already by slaving over a hot stove all day, you ungrateful, unrelated undergrads? Do the honorable thing — start a GoFundMe for fake IDs instead.

[via The Press of Atlantic City]

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