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State Officials Resign After Someone Snitched About Their Rager

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Drunken debauchery doesn’t come to mind when you think of state government, but for two employees of the State of Georgia there is certainly an exception to be made. Deputy Agriculture Commissioner Oscar Garrison and Chief Officer Billy Skaggs were “allowed to resign” two weeks ago as a result of an investigation into a party they threw during a training seminar this past September.

These two public servants decided to host a shindig at a cabin they had rented along with another employee, Trey Joiner, during the three day seminar held at the Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club. These gentlemen, who were arguably the “cool crowd” of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, probably would have gotten away with their party, except for the fact that one former employee (read: nerd) ratted them out. Fucking snitches, man.

The official report stated that the party included “heavy consumption of alcohol, music and dancing, the environment became similar to that of a college fraternity party.” It doesn’t end there, though. The report also found that Skaggs, the COO, damaged a state-issued vehicle at some point during the weekend. Skaggs wasn’t going to leave the car with damage, after all, that wouldn’t be the ethical thing to do. Skaggs paid for the car to be repaired—with state funds. Since it ended up only being a $151.65 repair cost, Skaggs agreed to repay the state; only after he was caught, of course. Investigators also determined that none of the government employees involved used state funds to buy the alcohol for the event. In my opinion, if these folks were half as good at money laundering as your social chair and treasurer are, they probably figured out a way to buy their booze on the state’s dime and write it off as a necessary expense.

Still, it gets even better. The report stated that after the party, the two high-ranking officials led six other male employees and one female employee to the resort’s lake where they went swimming “in various state[s] of undress.” Multiple people involved told investigators that even though their lady friend decided to show her sweater puppies, “nothing sexual took place.” I wasn’t there, but I’m calling bullshit on this one. Evidently, the investigators found that the female must not have gone swimming topless, as she was not disciplined for her alleged actions. Talk about some shit. Oscar and Billy were just trying to have a good time and they lose their jobs, meanwwhile she gets off scot-free. Though I can’t really blame them for not wanting to fire the chick who’s willing to take her top off.

In the end, numerous employees were disciplined; either with loss of pay, suspension, or other punitive actions. Personally, I feel they shouldn’t get in trouble for trying to have a good time, but then again, I don’t pay taxes in Georgia.

[via RawStory]

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