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Student Emails Professor Asking To Be Excused From Class Because There Were SWAT Snipers Posted Up On His Lawn

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Professors have heard just about every excuse from students about missing class. “I was coming back from spring break and my flight was delayed.” “I was in jail.” “I got blacked out, woke up in the hospital and lost the syllabus.” “My dog has herpes.”

Still, none of those excuses are quite on the level of this guy’s reason to skip: SWAT snipers posted up on your lawn.


What are the guesses here? Meth lab across the street? Child pornography ring bust? According to a different caption on his Imgur account, the guy claims that whoever was across the street was keeping his wife and kid hostage with an assault rifle, for reasons unknown, which brings us full circle back to meth lab? Diddle flicks? Who’s to say?

The professor, according to this student — who might attend the University of Kansas based on this picture from is Imgur account that I assume you’ll all hate — was cool with the excuse.


Bruh, professors are getting soft these days. The correct response should’ve been, “It’s in the syllabus that no excused absences — including SWAT snipers lining up dome shots on your lawn — will be accepted in this class. See you at 3 p.m., chicken shit.”

What this professor did was open the door for a whole horde of college kids googling pictures of SWAT teams to send to their professors in an attempt to get out of class and not drop any grades. I mean, everyone’s got a picture of a flat tire on their phone for such occasions. This is just taking things a small step further.

FWIW we can’t find anything in the news resembling this story after an admittedly quick and half-hearted Google search. So maybe this kid just pulled a fast one on the professor. Probably would’ve saved it for a final exam if that were the case though.

[via Imgur]

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