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SUNY Oswego’s Annual Pre-Finals Pub Crawl Got A Little Out Of Hand, And By That, I Mean Way Out Of Hand

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SUNY Oswego loves its drugs. In fact, it took home the bronze medal in the most recent campus arrest rankings. That’s pretty impressive–slap that on your résumé and watch the offers fly in.

After that tidbit on the school’s background, it should come as no surprise to hear that a traditional pub crawl celebrated by SUNY Oswego students turned into disorderly turmoil last week. The event resulted in at least 27 arrests. It seems the traditional pub crawl started back in the ‘60s by a few SUNY Oswego seniors, and since then, it has turned into a blowout. Dozens of bars and hundreds of students and alumni participate every year, starting around 3 p.m. the Friday before finals start.

As the participants stumble to each bar, they have a few drinks and get their classmates to sign their white T-shirts before moving to the next stop. Between the middle school-esque T-shirt signing and the incredibly poor use of hundreds of coeds wearing white T-shirts, I cannot fathom how this became so popular, but I digress.

Let’s get back to the chaos.

In the middle of the belligerent nonsense of the pub crawl were three students who had ODed on heroin.

As paramedics dealt with those three, cops down the street busted some idiot on a DUI and a felony charge for having 17.9 ounces of weed in his car. Besides the usual open container tickets and basic drug arrests, cops charged three morons for fighting, three for public urination, one for obscene language, one for kicking city-owned garbage cans into the street, and another for stealing four bottles of liquor from a store.

A charge for obscene language? Is that real? Fuck that governmental censorship bullshit. He has fucking rights, dammit!

After the ruckus died down, city officials were pushed past the point of no return. They promptly voted to ban the 2015 Bridge Street Run, and they sent SUNY Oswego a bill for the overtime costs for the police and firefighters. The bill also included the costs for removing the extensive amount of garbage left behind by the revelers.

Following the announcement of the ban, the Twitter hashtag #savebsr began trending.

Ditch the Sharpies and turn the run into a giant wet T-shirt contest. Then I’ll join the cause.



Image via the Oswego Fire Department

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