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Super Bowl XLVIII Luxury Suites Are Going For $1,000,000+

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This year’s highly-touted Super Bowl matchup of the league’s most prestigious offense, in the Denver Broncos, versus the league’s most prodigious defense, in the Seattle Seahawks, will be the first NFL championship game played in a cold weather climate since, well, ever, save the fact that the previous contests in Detroit, Indianapolis and Michigan have all been dome games.

Despite the fact that the average temperature for February 2 in the Meadowlands is 25 degrees, which obviously leaves the door open for a chance of snow, tickets for the showdown are quite a hot commodity.

According to Business Insider, following this past weekend’s conference championships, the average price of admission to MetLife’s first, and presumably only Super Bowl, is $3,721 — the highest figure in five years.

I don’t know about you, but given what I’ve heard regarding the traffic situations, the unjustified inability for fans to tailgate, and the sub-freezing temperatures, I don’t know if you could pay me enough to go to this game. I certainly know that I wouldn’t even pay the ticket’s face value of $1,000-$2,600 to freeze my ass off for over five hours on end (if you’ve never been, the Super Bowl is painfully long due to the myriad of commercial breaks), in a stadium that, in my experiences there, I feel really lacks any kind of tangible amenities to make it worth forking over that kind of cash.

However, if you want to lock down a luxury climate-controlled suite for us to party in, well then maybe I’d consider it. It’d only cost your dad $1.019 million.

Yes, you read that correctly. One suite on the Commissioner’s level at MetLife is on the secondary ticket market right now for a cool $1,019,000.

The same suite goes for only $350,000 for an entire Jets/Giants season, which might qualify it as the ultimate sunken investment in America this year, but I digress.

For over a million dollars, Roger Goodell damn well better be working a buffet line filled with food fresh out of Masa’s kitchen, and pouring guests unlimited amounts of Macallan 1939 40-year accompanied by some Cubans that he smuggled into the country himself. Jesus Christ.

While I’ll be sitting in my warm home with friends, watching the game on a projector, and relentlessly screaming from the time I don’t hit my national anthem length prop bet, there is still a chance to get to the game if you’re interested.

As of late Sunday evening, an excess of 12,000 tickets were still available on the secondary re-sale market — close to 15% of MetLife’s seating capacity.

[via Business Insider]

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