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Surprise, Surprise, America Would Dominate The Rest Of The Globe In A World War

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I’d be willing to bet that most red-blooded American men have either thought about or debated with friends on whether the United States could take on the rest of the world in a full-scale war. The folks over at Business Insider recently did a detailed analysis of this very scenario, and the outlook isn’t too far from what many of you may have come up with on your own. A few of the highlights of their breakdown:


The U.S. Navy is the world’s largest, and it’s not even close. With huge numbers of state-of-the-art ships, any other navy would be hard-pressed to get anywhere near American waters. Even if they did, the Coast Guard would make short work of them by the time they got within striking distance of the coastlines. Sorry world, the ocean belongs to America.


The United States’ arsenal of planes and helicopters is larger than those of the next seven nations combined, and consists of the world’s most advanced plane designs, targeting systems, and armaments, as well as the best pilots on the planet. Based on this assessment, it doesn’t seem like an enemy fighter or bomber would be able to successfully penetrate our airspace.

“The world’s only operational fifth-generation fighter, the F-22, would conduct constant air patrols across the land borders of the US to prevent any incursion by enemy bombers. The Army’s Patriot missile launchers would help stop enemy jets or missiles and Stinger/Avenger missile crews would shoot down any low-flying planes or helicopters.”

Sounds convincing to me. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to find myself duking it out with an F-22 Goddamn Raptor.


In the unlikely event that battles took place on American soil, elite teams of paratroopers, infantry, and special ops could be transported to the battlefield at breakneck speeds. Enemy forces would also have to deal with a few hundred-million citizens cashing in on their Second Amendment rights.

Personally, the land invasion scenario is the most interesting to me. The United States has a killer road system for easy transport, a gun ownership rate north of one third ( Washington Post) , a lot of pissed-off rednecks, inhospitable terrain in the West, and countless Chipotle and Subway locations to keep the citizenry well-fed.

If this sort of invasion actually happened, I sure as hell hope Vegas isn’t bombed or otherwise destroyed. That would make it awfully hard for me to put all my money on the U.S. winning it all.

[via Business Insider]

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