Is 2018 The Year Swords Make A Comeback?

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If Texas had an unofficial state motto, I could imagine it going something like, “If it’s a weapon, we’re probably cool with it.” That’s why included in a new set of laws that took effect September 1 of last year (feels weird to say) was one allowing for the open carry of swords and machetes.

From ABC 13:

Blades more than 5.5 inches in length are being permitted for open-carry in public places. The law, though, prohibits swords and machetes in most bars, schools, colleges, sporting events, polling places, race parks, correctional facilities, hospitals, amusement parks and places of worship.

Now, this law has been in the books for several months and here’s the thing: I live in Texas, and never saw a single person wield neither a sturdy broadsword nor swift katana in 2017. So is 2018 the year this law really begins to have an impact? If the impatience of Game of Thrones fans has any say in it, I’m leaning towards yes.

As of now, the final season of GoT is expected to be released sometime in 2019, so you know the ability to strut around with a blade like you’re the King of the North (of Texas) should tide nerds and superfans over until the eventual release date.

Undoubtedly, nerd-on-nerd road rage is bound to be the most troublesome side effect of this law finally being put into effect. One minute Donny Dweeberson is driving mom’s Honda Odyssey to LARPing practice at UT, and the next he’s atop one of Daenerys’ dragons and God help the sorry sap who decided to merge without signaling. Motherfucker better bend the knee or risk getting pricked by 5.5 inches of cold, hard steel (threat or pickup line? You decide).

Lord knows Thronies needed this after what happened with the ice zombies at the end of last season. Snowtimes are approaching!

[via ABC 13]

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