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Taco Bell Offers You A Chance To Stay Overnight In A Taco Bell

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Taco Bell has opened a contest where the grand prize is the chance to stay overnight in one of their restaurants, complete with a taco themed suite and a “taco butler.”

From CBS:

You might be a fan of a Taco Bell’s food, but would you sleep in one?
The fast food chain is transforming one of its restaurants in Ontario, Canada into an Airbnb.

There will be two bunk beds, couches and a big screen TV, as well as a “Taco Bell butler” for the winner and three friends.

The contest is only open to residents of Canada, but don’t get too disappointed. I don’t see what the big deal is here. I’ve slept overnight in a Taco Bell tons of times, and it wasn’t that great.

I’ll tell you what to expect:

It always starts the same way. You get the pledges to drive the house limousine (a ’95 Lincoln that used to be owned by the Flamingo, and sat out in a Vegas junkyard for a few years) to Taco Bell at around 2:30 in the morning. You’re about 11 shots deep and blazed on something a little strange, so you’re not in a waiting mood. You want that Crunchwrap Supreme and you want it now. You get frustrated with the drive-thru line, so you hop out of the limo through the missing sunroof and break one of the Taco Bell’s back windows with your empty bottle of Svedka. You crawl through the busted opening, taking care not to spear yourself with glass until you have successfully invaded the restaurant. None of the staff see you, though, because you take two steps into the darkened dining room and pass out under one of the plastic tables. When you wake up, it’s four in the morning. You’re all alone in Verde sauce-smelling oblivion and your only friends are the stoner rats and ghosts of Quesaritos past.

There you sit, rocking back and forth until one of the morning stooges opens the door and you stumble past him like a bat out of hell, muttering about demonic chihuahuas and how they messed up the Cool Ranch flavor.

Then you wander the streets like a homeless person for three or four hours before passing out in the bushes in front of an Arby’s. Eventually, a group of pledges trips over you on morning PT and they carry your sorry lump of a body back to the house.

Like I said, nothing special. I’ll take a free Playstation any day.

[via CBS]

Image via Rob Wilson /

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