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This Dastardly Tennessee College Student Pulled A Sociopath Move On Her Roommate’s Water Bottles

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water bottle tennessee state college student

It’s not headline news to encounter someone who has had to deal with a less-than-ideal freshman year roommate situation. Complaints about said roommates can range anywhere from their social awkwardness to their lack of respect for personal space to their shitty hygiene. Take a friend of mine’s roommate, for example, who would just sit at their desk in a onesie and watch anime all day. 24/7. Didn’t even shower. There’s coping with all the changes colleges brings, and then there’s that person. Usually, though, complaints about such roommates are fairly minor and can easily be avoided by spending as little time in your dorm room as possible during your first year in college.

But Tierni Williams? This Tennessee State student is a completely different breed; an abomination who used her roommate’s absence to damn near flip the script on the “roommate from Hell” trope. How? By filling up her roommate’s water bottles with motherfucking toilet water.

From Fox17:

The victim says she lost weight and her appetite and couldn’t figure out why. That’s when she claims she learned via Snapchat that her roommate, Tierni Williams, had been dumping water from the toilet into her water bottles.

According to an affidavit, video shows Williams getting liquid from the toilet with a styrofoam cup, then transferring it into water bottles on her roommate’s side of the dorm. Williams reportedly narrates during the video, laughing and using expletives while stating her roommate is “gonna get sick from this” and it’s “nasty.”

Williams is charged with adulteration of food, liquid with bodily injury.

Officers arrested Williams, who has since bonded out.

Talk about some next-level monstrous shit. Just imagine the poor girl on the receiving end of this savage prank. She’s scrolling through Snapchat, deciding on how to negatively respond to that “send nudes” message from Johnny Tinder, when she happens upon Tierni dumping pee-pee and poo-poo water into her Aquafina.

How do you even react to that? How long until this chick goes back to drinking bottled water? A couple months? A year? 10 years? Will she forever be subjected to a life of drinking tap water like a pleb?

Only time will tell, but that’s some traumatic shit that sticks with you. No doubt about it.

[via Fox17]

Image via Shutterstock

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