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Getting Bryce Harper back “at some point” later in the season is just the news that the city of Philadelphia needed after losing Joe’s Steaks after seventy-three years. The Phillies have been my favorite team to watch since the best player in baseball went down for two reasons:

  1. They are playing fantastic team baseball behind a reinvigorated Rhys Hoskins
  2. I don’t like Joe Girardi so watching this team reminds me that he is; in fact, an idiot

I think a lot of fans connect with this Philly team because they represent Philadelphia on the field. I mean, six weeks ago, if you told me that Bryce Harper would be out for multiple months, I would have told you that I would have a better shot of taking home prime ‘90s Jennifer Aniston than Philly would of making the Wild Card, but this team is rolling with the punches. More than the mentality that this team is playing with, you should bet on the Phillies because the Nationals stink worse than a gym sock that farted. The Nationals have lost six games since Roe v. Wade got overturned- they have two competent players and the ghost of Nelson Cruz. Take the Phillies.  

Regardless of what happens get the closest thing to free money without having to sell your body.

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